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Need help with gift!

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navyeyelasH Sat 06-Sep-08 17:45:06

Not to depress anyone but Christmas is nearly here and I also have 4 birthdays during December so need to start my planning and budgeting now grin.

I work as a nanny and I wanted to get my boss something for her birthday and something else for x-mas. Without going into too much detail she has a bit of a 1950s house wife mindset (also works so is very very busy). She buys that good housekeeping mag every week (or month?), and also subscribes to lakeland, Boden etc and I know her favourite shops are places like John Lewis and she gets her food from Waitroise. So she likes good quality things.

It seems that everyone buys her cookbooks which I'm sure she loves but I want to get her something more in line with my navyeyelasH'ness, something that I would normally buy as a gift. I am thinking something like a perfume decantery thingymajig like this

I randomly found the set on ebay (whilst buying a sewing machine for myself) and thought it would appeal to her "old school" ladylike nature. It's a CAITHNESS set and I googled them and they seem to be well known glass makers specialising in paperweights? I just thought the spray thing was really pretty.

I'm a 24 year old commoner cheapskate that furnishes my hovel home with second hand tat so any help / guidance would be brilliant. Also have no experience of buying gifts for older women (my mother did a bunk years ago) so not got a clue really!

So given my mini description what would you get? I need two ideas really; and is buying second hand a big no no? Or should I just go with, "it's the thought that counts!". Thanks in advance x

PS. Have x posted this on the good housekeeping part too as not sure where was best! hmm

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