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Are there any nannies out there who do short term/proxy parent placements?

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Roskva Thu 04-Sep-08 12:52:25

If so, what kind of fee would I expect to pay? This is just a general enquiry at this stage.

Dh wants to go to a work conference in Germany at the end of Sept. Our second baby is due 8 Oct (yes, it's probably a whole new thread about dh's sense of priorities sad).

I've said he can go only if I can find someone to come and stay with me who is able to look after dd and the dog if I go into labour, but as the wretched confernce is mid-week and all our friends and relatives work (except SIL, but she doesn't want to come over from the US until after the baby is born). My parents are coming to stay for a month on 1 Oct, and can't come any earlier. So a nanny for a week is the only other option I can think of. Is it a feasible one?

imananny Thu 04-Sep-08 12:59:18

yes its feasible to employ a nanny to live in for week end of sept - to care for you, dd and walk dog

salary would depend on age and exp of nanny and area you are in

You can place an ad on gumtree/netmums or nannyjob but as you need someone asapI would go through an agency and ask them to find you a temp nanny for week

If you had a local one to you, she wouldnt have to live in,unless you really wanted that, and if labour happened you could call her if in middle ofnight

anyoneoutthere Thu 04-Sep-08 14:00:53

Yes - i am a nanny who does ad-hoc care and i know of other who also do it.

Imananny is right - have a look on netmums, gumtree and nannyjob fir an idea of pay in your area

phraedd Thu 04-Sep-08 16:23:42

i too am an ad hoc nanny and doula.

As well as the sites already mentioned, you could look at the doula ones too

nurturing birth

doula UK

lindseyfox Thu 04-Sep-08 20:07:22

yes it is possible lots of nannies doing temp work and proxy parent. I am in east midlands and proxy parent and ad-hoc nanny around my job as a childrens nurse.

Roskva Thu 04-Sep-08 21:47:47

thanks ladies - you've given me food for thought.

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