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Long working day - any advice on childminding availability etc? Catford, SE London

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MelMack Wed 03-Sep-08 22:20:57

Hi all

I've just started looking into childcare, for when I return to work 3 days a week in Jan 2009 - this is my first child so it's all a bit new to me.

I'm a bit worried that most childminders & nurseries seem to work only 8am-6pm, which is impossible for me as my commute plus working day means I'll only be able to pick up my daughter just before 7pm.

Is it possible to find a childminder who will do longer hours, or am I likely to have to find a nanny/nanny share?

Thanks for any advice


KSquiff Thu 04-Sep-08 10:28:14

Hi Mel,

I'm a childminder in Bromley (with vacancies). All childminders are different and had different opening hours, I personally am willing to negotiate opening hours. You may find that working the extra hours you may need to pay for 'unsociale hours' worked i.e. past 6pm.

You could look for a nanny but again you would just need to find one willing to work the extra hours.

Hope this helps

MelMack Thu 04-Sep-08 19:49:32

Thanks for that - I suspected I'd have to pay more - I'm just not sure how many childminders will do longer hours (I appreciate that it's a long day anyway!).

I wish you were closer to Catford - Bromley's the opposite direction to where I travel for work (central London) .



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