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EYFS - Out & About Risk Assesments

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Tas1 Wed 03-Sep-08 20:57:08

Sorry if there is already a thread about this, but I'm not sure what to do.

I know we have to do risk assesments around the house and garden, but I have heard we have to write a risk assesment everytime we go out too! Is this true?

So for example, if we are going to the park to feed the ducks, do we write a risk assesment every time we go or can we do a generic risk assesment for 'feeding the ducks'?

If I have to write a risk assesment every time I step out of the front door, I'd never get past the gate before it was time to come home! sad

busymum1 Wed 03-Sep-08 21:17:12

Have previously posted this but is my risk assessment which ofsted approved recently hope this helps

is fire blanket accessible?
have smoke alarms been tested (weekly)?

Is the travel first aid kit restocked?
Is the main first aid kit restocked & accessible?

Are pushchair straps clean?
Are seat units clean?
Are all folding mechanisms correctly working?
Are all brakes working correctly?
Are reins or wrists straps clean, available & undamaged?
Are all car seats correctly fitted?
Are any moveable seats in car secured in holders?

Is the pool cover in place?
Is the sand pit covered?
Are all attachments on climbing frame in working order?
Is seesaw in good working order?
Has garden been checked for any cat excrement?
Is all garden furniture safe?
Is the gate locked with padlock?
Is gate key accessible for emergency exit?
Is the tap turned off?
Are all plants safe?
Are all wheeled toys safe?
Is the household shed locked?
Is the childrens shed safe for children to access?

Is the highchair clean?
Are all kitchen surfaces cleaned with antibacterial spray?
Are radiators at correct temperature?
Are stair gates in place?
Are cupboard locks still working?
Are all plug socket covers secure?
Are all flexes from plugs in accessible to children?
Are bins clean and covered?
Are all knives out of childrens reach?
Are unused kitchen appliances turned off?
Is the dishwasher closed to make it inaccessible to children?
Are toys clean?
Is any alcohol out of reach of children?
Are all window stays in place?
Is front door secure?
Is back door secure?
Are all small items removed from the floor?
Is travel cot safe and clean?
Are childrens flannels and towels clean and accessible?
Are nappy sacks available?
Is changing mat clean?

SammyK Wed 03-Sep-08 21:45:47

I have been told to do a risk assessment for any regular outings I do such as school, play group, just the once, then if anything changes such as road works, having to change route etc, you should go through it again.

Hope that makes sense!

LunaFairy Thu 04-Sep-08 08:19:52

Hi SammyK. Use the BCMA (Bromley Childminding Association) website its for childminders and has loads of stuff and templates for the EYFS. I've copied the risk assessment templates from there and feel much clearer on what is required. Hope this helps.

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