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Argh..Chicken Pox!!

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PinkChick Wed 03-Sep-08 14:14:56

baby mindee been under wether last couple of days mum rang this morn, to ask what to do..mindee has been having bad nights, saying ow and generally being tired tummy probs, no rash...i say its fine, i only have dd, this mindee and another today and dd at school all day other mindee 1/2 day...come home from nursery run, change mindee's bottom, skin looking blothcy red'' comes from no were on her cheek(face)..big yellow head!..hmm..ring mum and say will keep eye but she otherwise ok, mum rings back shes got app for doc will pick up in hour..mindee does a poop, go to change..very runny and now ahs lovely pattern of spots emerging on her legs..all with little yellow heads!!!..argh!..
other mindee mum just text me back, He HASNT had them yetsad..and has been kissing and cuddling her all daysad..nothing confirmed yet, but IMO it def issadhmm..dd has had them im guessing she 'could' get them again??..oh no!sad

RGPargy Wed 03-Sep-08 14:25:03

Hi Pink!

Chicken pox is a pain, but it's better to get them early!! Both DP and I had them when we were in our 20s and it's one of the worst illnesses to have when you're an adult as you just feel sooooo shite!!!

PinkChick Wed 03-Sep-08 16:20:17

Hi RGsmile..well doc seems to think its viral infectionhmm..but to keep eye on more dirty nappies so have sadi i will have mindee in morn if no worse..will see how it goessmile

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