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We've found her!

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Bettyboobird Mon 01-Sep-08 20:51:59

Thanks for all the advice the other day, after a very unsuccessful run, we've found an au pair!

She contacted us via APW, and is a lovely Danish girl with perfect English. She arrives on the 16th, and we have seen her flight confirmation, so I'm really hoping she will actually turn up, unlike the others!!

We are going to get her bedroom ready now, so have been following the other thread, there's some great advice there.

I'm slightly worried, because we have converted the playroom into her room, as it's the only spare room we have. This means that the walls are papered with ballerina wallpaper, or paineted pink and lilac, with ballerina fairies on the wallpaper boarder, fairy curtains and a Fifi lightshade. Plus, as the room isn't huge, we've bought a cabin-type bed with a pull out desk and storage underneath. It has a proper staircase attached, rather than a ladder, so it's not awkward to access. However, I feel really bad, beacause this girl is 18, and I doubt she is going to appreciate the decor that my girls so loved! hmm

I've suggested to dh that we decorate her room prior to her arrival, but he says we don't have time, and she won't mind anyway.

What do you think??!

nannyL Mon 01-Sep-08 20:54:56

tbh i would change the lampshade, for a basic cheap cream one... a few £s in wilkos will do! but not worry about the rest

I would love a pink and lilac room

in MY house i have a whole bedroom dedicated to pink smile but its not the bedroom i sleep in

my bathroom is all pink too

I LOVE pink

nannynick Mon 01-Sep-08 21:03:19

I would change the lampshade, to something more basic, less childish.

Then once au-pair arrives, if she really dislikes ballerina's, perhaps you could go out together to get some posters or something to cover over some of the ballerina's.

SammyK Mon 01-Sep-08 21:29:51

I too would change the things you can, lightshade, maybe curtains?

When au pair arrives you can explain to her that if it all works out and you all want her to au pair for you ater a trial period you can re paint the walls to colours of her choice.

Not followed your other thread but pleased you have found someone. smile

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