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CM Club: New family enquiry for cm'ing, advice please!

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SammyK Mon 01-Sep-08 16:04:48

From next week I will have the following mindees:

M - Mindee A (1) 9-2.30

Tu - Mindee A (1) 9-2.30
Mindee B (1) 12.30-6.30

We - Mindee B (1) 8-12.30
Mindee A (1) 9-2.30

Th - Mindee B (1) 8-1.30
Mindee A (1) 9-2.30

Fr - Mindee A (1) 9-2.30
Mindee B (1) 12-4

Plus DS who is 3, (at nursery in mornings).

I have had an enquiry for siblings, a 3yr old and a 6m old, 2-6pm, Mon - Fri. Term time only.

Am I mad to even consider asking Ofsted a variation, term time only?
It would be Mondays 2-2.30, TUESDAY 2-6, AND fRIDAYS 2-4 that I was over my ratios.

If I can't get a varition I will have to seriously consider giving mindee B notice. sad Can't afford to turn away this enquiry, and mindee B's hours are very awkward to fit another family around.

WWYD? Thanks for reading all that BTW! grin

southernbelle77 Mon 01-Sep-08 16:21:03

Ok, it's Monday so my head isn't really with it, but would this enquiry mean that you would have 5 children for some of the time? If so, I don't know if Ofsted agree.

I would have pp come round and see them and then take it from there. If mindee B's hours are awkward then I would be reconsidering that anyway!

Good luck

SammyK Mon 01-Sep-08 17:10:53

Yes five that's right. Damn it.

Why can't things just tick along nicely instead of all or nothing!? grin

Thanks SB, if I like PP and kids will have a tough decision to make. They coming tomorrow afternoon!

southernbelle77 Mon 01-Sep-08 17:48:33

I was in the same situation previously actually! Had siblings who wanted to start which would have meant losing one (who at time was only VERY part time as parents looking for work). As it worked out, I had to tell siblings no as I found out I was pregnant (before having the mc obviously) and couldn't have had them anyway. Worked out in the end as mindee I would have to have let go then came back a week later wanting 4 full days a week as parents got job!

Hope it goes well tomorrow afternoon! Fingers crossed

SammyK Mon 01-Sep-08 21:27:19

I hope this works out in the end too.

OK so my options are:

Take on new family of siblings and give notice to mindee B for very sensible financial reasons and risk that I lose a nice mindee and parent if it doesn't work out with new family.

Take on new family of siblings and explain to Mindee B's mum that I can't provide afternoon care for her child anymore (who comes two mornings and two afternoons over 4 days a week). She will then have the possibility of asking her job for a change of hours (which is a big ask on my part), or take offence and leave.

I need the money but I do not want to lose mindee B either. I am too soft I suspect! Also I am in a financial mess as a family left me in the lurch when they put their family finances first, so feels very hmm and sad to do it to someone else.

mogs0 Mon 01-Sep-08 21:34:31

I would ask mindee B's mum if there's any possibility of mindee B doing 4 mornings instead of your current arrangement. Or, would new family be able to work around your current commitments?

If it was me, I don't think I'd be able to give notice.

How likely is it that another family will show up with one child that would fit in with your current arrangements?

SammyK Mon 01-Sep-08 21:40:06

I don't know mogs, I seem to get 3 new enquiries all at once that I can't take on, then nothing for months and months. hmm

Mindee B had never been left with anyone before, and settled in with me amazingly well. smile I have just been uploading photos onto my website tonight and he is so happy in his pics. smile

Maybe I will have to talk with mindee B's mum about her hours. I don't want her to take offence though and lose her! We have always stayed professional if you know what I mean, so I don't know her personally well enogh to know how she will react.

KatyMac Mon 01-Sep-08 21:42:42

There isn't really an easy answer is there

This is what is so hard about our job

Good luck

SammyK Mon 01-Sep-08 21:46:51

I was just thinking that KM, knowing my current run of luck PP won't turn up, and I will lose another mindee! grin No wonder I'm so blinking axious all the time. hmm

I have decided I cannot give mindee B notice. I have also applied for temp weekend work, so if mum can't adjust hours I will have to say no to PP. I have bills to pay but I definately do not cm just for the money - I couldn't do it to mindeeB and mum.

busymum1 Wed 03-Sep-08 16:20:58

ask for variation for four under 5 often can be granted also have you got friend or neighbour who could become assistant paid or unpaid to cover child b's afternoons

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