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fleacircus Mon 01-Sep-08 15:19:25

DD has just started with her CM, I am wholly ignorant about the whole process as anyone who kindly responded to my earlier questions will know! So now, I'm wondering, on what occasions do you usually receive gifts from your mindees? I'm assuming Christmas, maybe Easter and summer too (it's a term time only place so was thinking end of each term)? But I know my CM's daughter's birthday is in November, don't know exactly when, should my DD give her something? And are there other occasions that haven't occurred to me?

hennipenni Mon 01-Sep-08 15:30:50

Generally as a rule us childminders are happy with a cheery thankyou so much for all you do and a nice card with something appropriate written on it and maybe a little handmade present from your daughter. One thing that we all adore is payment on time that is correct without us having to chase you!

I usually receive little presents at christmas or sometimes my DDs get a little present but it's not expected- just nice.

bigdonna Mon 01-Sep-08 15:55:22

i buy mindees presents at xmas,birthdays,easter and when they leave!!!my mindees parents no 1 buy my dc presents at their birthdays and xmas.mindees no2 buy xmas only.i agree with hennipenni though a thankyou would be sufficent i dont expect anything.i was upset though when i bought my mindee (i had looked after for 6 yrs ) a puzzle maker and when asked if she liked my presents she replied i suppose it was your i had bought it for xmas for my i realise i buy her too many gifts oh i also bring presents for them all from my holiday.

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