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Please help - advice needed re friend's r'ship with nanny

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Tiggus Sun 20-Feb-05 10:42:04

Hi guys. Can't quite believe that this has happened again ... but for any of you who remember my thread about friend / neighbour who loves my nanny, the issue is still ongoing ...

I am reaching the end of a v important piece of work that I have sweated blood to achieve. When it is finished I will have lots of time to spend with DS (from early April), but currently nanny works 4/5 days 8.45am-6pm. She is also taking DS without me to my Mum's for a wk (lovely house just outside Brighton), and then with me afterwards to my Dad's for a week (I will take work with me), in the Alps (france). She will work 2 w/e in March.

Anyway >sigh<. Yesterday, after the singing session that I organise, friend/neighbour ("X") came up to me afterwards, and said "I can't believe what you are doing to your nanny.It must be torture for her, working these long hours and then you taking / sending her here, there and everywhere. Poor girl I didn't know you could treat them like that."

I managed to stutter out explanation that I was hard at work and needed all the help I could get, plus that was why I had employed her.

X came round for dinner later that night (already pre-arranged so she could meet a friend of mine due at the same time). Sailed in all cheery and friendly as if nothing had happened. So I reacted in kind, hoping that I can continue to "rise above it".

Anyway, prob is tomorrow lovely nanny is back to work, and I am worried that
1) X is filling her head with cr*p
2) She really is upset about her working conditions and is too shy to tell me (have a weekly sit down and run thru schedule, issues, general catch-up)
3)Do i bother mentioning it to her (eg say that X was worrying me) or do I just assume it is all X's problem, and not the nanny's?
4)DO I ask nanny to avoid X - who calls her every day and regards her as a friend, but who obviously doesn't think I am as much of a friend?

Any advice welcome. Thanks.

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