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childmindiers assistant

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mafalda1 Sun 20-Feb-05 01:34:32

Can someone let me know what i need to do to get someone registered as a childminders assitant.
And what advice would give to me about the type of person I should be looking for?

KatieMac Sun 20-Feb-05 10:23:22

They must fill in a form from Ofsted (CM1?CM2?) and request a CRB check. Then some weeks/months later they become registered.

They cannot be left alone with the children - unless you get parents permission and then only for short periods (ie school run)

You have employers liability insurance if you have NCMA public liability Ins.

But you will need to register as an employer with IR and do NI and Tax (it's not too difficult)and think about holiday/sick and maternity pay

I would choose someone you can work with and remember if you pick a friend you might have to dicipline them/tell them to do things/lay them off/sack them.

I have just had to lay off both my assistants - but when I get more children they will come back.

ssd Sun 20-Feb-05 10:32:51

Hi KatieMac .

Sorry to read you had to lay off your assistants temporarily

Have you had any more business with the advert you were writing up? I can imagine it must be difficult to drum up new business in a small village...good luck with filling thoses places!

I'm still minding part-time and it's working out fine.I'm still friends with the mum I had to "sack" before Christmas so thankfully there are no bad feelings there...

I'm still getting quite a few queries, but mainly from mums with babies and I'm not really wanting to take on a baby....much as I love them I just feel they wouldn't fit into our everyday routine. How do you cope when you have a small baby-presuming you have a little 'un!

Anyway must get my ds's dressed !!
I love lazy Sundays!!!

KatieMac Sun 20-Feb-05 15:02:30

Hi SSD, my twins are now 17 months (f/t), I have a 20 month 2 days, a 3yo half a day and a nearly 3yo on a silly 8 week rota. I really want another 2 f/t (under 5). We like babies as one of us usually stays at home.

Hopefully the before & after school club will start in April (if the extension ever gets finished)

Sorry for the Hijack Mafalda1.......

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