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advice on becoming a childminder please

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memoo Fri 29-Aug-08 17:59:45

I am a trained teaching assistant and a mother of two age 7 and 9.

I am thinking of becoming a child minder but have no idea where to start. Being a TA gives me the advantage of knowing about the EYFS etc but I still have loads of questions.

What kind of rates do people usually charge and what is included in that? Do CM's work during school hols.

What expectations do OFsted have with regards to your house? and is having pets frowned upon?, we have one dog.

Sorry, lots of questions but would really grateful for some advice

nannynick Fri 29-Aug-08 19:26:29

For rates and what is included, see:
Calling all CMs - what do charge and what does this include...?

Also look on at what childminders put on their online listings for what they charge in your area.

Some CM's work during school holidays, others don't.

Pets can be an issue as some parents won't leave their child with a CM who has a dog.
See this message thread. Also some older message threads which may be worth a read:
here and here.

Not sure if there are any specific rules from Ofsted about animals - but hygiene needs to be considered and common sense things like children's access to the pets should be supervised (for the pet and the child's safety). Also keeping your pet healthy and up to date with any vaccinations. It would be advisable to have a Pet Policy to show parents and Ofsted what your procedures are for ensuring child/pet safety, pets health, hygiene, etc.

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