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Nanny websites

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runikka Fri 29-Aug-08 08:15:37

Good morning

I posted the other day about looking for a nanny with special needs experience. I have since registered with SNAP so thank you for the advice on that, plus also, we placed an ad on there and have been looking at CVs, and gumtree.

Is there any other websites, non-agency, that nannies use when looking for work that I could advertise on/search CVs etc

Many thanks

nannyL Fri 29-Aug-08 08:22:38

imananny Fri 29-Aug-08 13:32:48 and


lindseyfox Fri 29-Aug-08 16:41:55

depending on what hours you need it may be worth putting up an ad in a special needs school/playgroup as a teacher, teaching assistant may be looking for additional hours and be able to meet your needs and have experience with children with special needs.

I know qualifications are important but with children who have additional needs i think experience is much more important.

i think you would need to be really sure the nanny wants to work with a child with special needs if they havent before.

I am a childrens nurse and dont mind babysitting for a child with special needs and am better with some than others, but I am very honest in the fact i couldnt do it full time - i admire parents and people who do. I hope that doesnt sound nasty but i know my own limitations.

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