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Would this be reasonable?

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Weegle Thu 28-Aug-08 15:01:29

We are going away for 4 nights. Au Pair is staying in our home (own choice, she could have come). She has got her boyfriend coming to stay for just over a week which includes those 4 nights. I was thinking of saying to her that I will buy some pizza, fresh pasta & sauce, milk, bread, cereal, salad etc for them, is there anything else she wants added to the list? But I don't want her to see it as I am prepared to pay all the costs of feeding boyfriend as well whilst we are not here. I feel differently about it whilst we are here the following 4 days for some reason. Would that be reasonable? Or should I provide 4 main meals for the two of them, plus staples for the 2 of them for 4 days? It seems a bit much if I do that, but want to be fair and reasonable. He was originally supposed to only be coming for a weekend/3 nights but somehow it's ended up being quite extended. I also need to set the groundwork on this occasion as she's going to be with us until summer next year so I can envisage similar situations arising again. Be grateful for any opinions.

FourArms Thu 28-Aug-08 15:07:35

When we did this, I just bought the normal food, and left an extra £20 to cover anything that ran out (and asked for receipts). However, our cupboards were very bare upon our return.

Weegle Thu 28-Aug-08 15:18:04

That's what concerns me - I, of course, don't mind feeding her as I would do normally but it seems quite a lot being expected to feed a 20 year old lad for a week when, when I agreed to it he was only coming for a weekend and they would be out most of it. Does that make sense?

SqueakyPop Thu 28-Aug-08 17:26:55

I would give her cash to cover her own food.

HarrietTheSpy Thu 28-Aug-08 17:31:57

I wouldn't feel obliged to leave loads for the BF. But I'm feeling uncharitable today. I suggest the case, as Squeaky says.

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