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Have you got your Who Minds?

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Shoshe Thu 28-Aug-08 10:59:46

Cos we are in it grin

Only a tiny photo, of our Toddle Waddle.

Cant remember what page (a mum has mu copy) but London 11 and Tori32 are in the picture, I managed to miss being in it grin

SammyK Thu 28-Aug-08 11:45:04

ooh will have a look later grin

hennipenni Thu 28-Aug-08 15:39:46

Will have a look later. One of my mindees is in a picture of our childminding extravaganzer that we attended.

Tas1 Thu 28-Aug-08 16:49:34

Will have a look grin

london11 Thu 28-Aug-08 20:42:37

page 9, right hand side, half way down

mumlove Fri 29-Aug-08 14:51:57

Lovely photo smile Who is who. next time shoshe will also have to be in it. grin

tigersmum Fri 29-Aug-08 20:52:39

My mindees are in it having a story read by our MP for childminding week.

chankins Fri 29-Aug-08 20:56:59

Just looked, lovely photo !
So you are in blandford ?
I mind in christchurch.
Are you getting much work over your way at moment ?

Shoshe Fri 29-Aug-08 21:05:15

Booked out Chankins,
Have we met? do you go to any of the Gropu Rep meetings or such, there was a coupe of girls on the EYFS here in Blandford from Christchurch.

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