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What a couple of twits....

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AtheneNoctua Wed 27-Aug-08 07:59:55

I'm not reqlly seeking advice here. I just want to have a good moan.

AS most of you know, my Current (lovely) Nanny (CN) is leaving. sad I have hired her replacement, New Nanny (NN). NN came over on a Holiday Maker visa to work as an au pair. The family increased her hours (doubled them in fact) for no extra pay. They would swap her hours around at the last minutes by saying thing like Oh by the way we are going out tomorrow night so you can start late tomorrow and then work late to babysit until we come home. They paid her CIH and have no contract, which would be okay if she was an au pair but she was in fact doing the job of a sole charge live-in full-time nanny. They have one child. Can't remember the exact age, but somewhere round 16 months. So, anyway, she gave them 4 weeks notice to be kind. She is due to move into our house 13th Sept. So, yesterday, they told her they had found someone else who is moving in on Saturday (yes, this Saturday) and she has until Friday to sort herself out and move out of the house... 2 days notice?!?!?

I am angry on her behalf.

Obviously, they want her out before their NN arrives so she won't tell her what they are like.

Maybe we should send the new nanny an anonymous letter explaining all her employee rights so she will know to protect herself. You know, like have a contract with a reasonable notice period. And two days is not reasonable when the worst you have done is resign.

Anna8888 Wed 27-Aug-08 08:03:53

Grrrrrrrrr. I hate to hear of families exploiting young girls like this. What nationality are they, and she?

Not sure what you can do about it - I'm sure she doesn't want to stay with the old family a minute longer. Where is she planning to stay until she starts working with you?

AtheneNoctua Wed 27-Aug-08 08:10:12

Have no idea what their nationality is -- British I assume since she's in London. She is Canadian.

You are right. There is not much to be done. She actually only told me this because she wanted to know if she could bring her stuff over this weekend. I said of course it was fine. And I also offered her a place to stay (although she can't have her bedroom until CN moves out of it of course). But, I think she has a place to stay with... not sure where. With friends I guess.

Anna8888 Wed 27-Aug-08 08:12:01

So there is not really a language/cultural issue that could (partially) explain the situation sad.

AtheneNoctua Wed 27-Aug-08 08:40:12

I don't think so. I think they are bitter because she resigned and so are paying her back by telling her to leave now. I expect the next one will leave soon too.

squiffy Wed 27-Aug-08 13:37:13

What goes around comes around. They will end up going through nannies like a dose of salts which won't be good for their poor children. Meanwhile your nanny will be super motivated when she works for you and realises what it is like to work for someone who respects her as a person and not the hired help.

If she needs a room to stay in for a couple of weeks, we have a spare room at ours (no nannying required)

AtheneNoctua Wed 27-Aug-08 18:12:35

Well... it looks like she is meeting after our booze up on Friday and will travel back "home" with me for her first night in the kids' room. I did warn her that were liable to pounce on her at 6:00am...

I also told her not make any special efforts to show up sober because I'm not going to. grin

ShinyPinkEELSwithShoesOn Wed 27-Aug-08 18:19:58

You sound like a lovely employer Athene I'm sure she feels very lucky!

imananny Wed 27-Aug-08 21:12:41

how horrible of her current employers shock angry

its lucky she has found you athene - hope all works out for you both x

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