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Roll up! Roll up! AP+ going free to a good home! :-)

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ingles2 Mon 25-Aug-08 18:59:26

So, finally we have decided that with the "credit crunch" affecting my freelance work to let our very nice AP go.
So, she is now looking for a new family if anyone is interested?
She's a 22 yr old German girl, has been in the UK Aping about 13 months now (we're her 2nd family)
On the positives, she's a polite, cheerful girl, and is always optimistic. She is particularly good with the ds's, and will happily kick a football round for hours. Her English is very good and her driving is excellent.
The only downside is her cleaning is a bit hit and miss (but then I am quite anal grin )and her room a bit of a tip however she doesn't mind you picking her up on it and will always clean it up..
Overall, she's reliable, responsible and easy to have around.
She would quite like to stay in Kent, maybe Canterbury or T.Wells but is willing to go anywhere for the right family.
Any takers?

imananny Mon 25-Aug-08 19:21:41

damn - thats a shame - you are always saying how lovely she is

how about jura?

though she isnt in out part of the world, so you ap would have to move further away

can you tell I like match making grin

assume ingles, that your ap doesnt make/build rockets?grin

ingles2 Mon 25-Aug-08 19:25:41

Hi Imananny grin
I've been away getting trench foot camping in S o am back to feeling like a newbie. Didn't jura have a new AP?
What happened there? I'll go look for her smile

imananny Mon 25-Aug-08 19:35:48

indeed she did, but for varies reasons, one being she likes/wants to build a space rocket winkshe has gone home

hope you had fun on holiday - have never understood why people go camping, I like the comfort of a bed that doesnt leak and pref a room with 4 walls and a roof, that doesnt move grin

ingles2 Mon 25-Aug-08 19:38:42

Have just seen her thread shock grin
Poor Jura.....
You are so right on the camping...was stupidly lulled into a false sense of security last year by wonderful, warm and sunny camping trip.....never again! {until next year....or maybe the year after..... grin )

squiffy Mon 25-Aug-08 19:58:06

Hi Ingles

Jura's need is definately the biggest at the mo, and she deserves someone nice after her recent nightmare

Our new AP arrived last week and is due to stay until after xmas, otherwise we would have snaffled her up straight away. I just know that you will find a fab home for her somewhere else, and then my one will decide to move up to London or something....

If she is really keen on staying near Canterbury and doesn't want to move to London then we will certainly have her from January onwards, if she can find something else in the meantime? I also know someone in Chilham who has been thinking on and off of getting an AP, but her need is nowhere near as great as Jura's...

ingles2 Mon 25-Aug-08 20:03:15

Hi Squiffy....
how are things with you? Is the Ap looking ok?
I was wondering if I could hang on to her for a while, but thought it was probably fairest to her to tell her now as her contract finishes in 4 weeks and nows the best time to find a family... <sigh>
oh well, at least I wont have to secretly clean up behind her anymore wink

squiffy Mon 25-Aug-08 20:03:37

By the way, Ingles, do you work in London? There's a dinner this Friday night of some of the usual posters to these threads if you want to join us... here

squiffy Mon 25-Aug-08 20:07:31

Oh X-posts.

Yes, new AP a little shy but looking good so far - kids have taken to her, she is great round the house, good English. I am not sure though if she might get a little homesick.. first time away from Finland, looking a little bit lost.

Fingers crossed.

ingles2 Mon 25-Aug-08 20:14:42

Oh No! Would love to come out, but have to go to (another) blardy wedding on Friday. Only 2 more to go this year....

ingles2 Mon 25-Aug-08 20:15:29

I'll keep my fingers crossed smile

jura Mon 25-Aug-08 20:35:19

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ingles2 Mon 25-Aug-08 20:36:53

Cat'd you already Jura......

jura Mon 25-Aug-08 20:44:21

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MarmadukeScarlet Mon 25-Aug-08 23:02:43

Hi ingles, did you have a fab time?

Are you free to go to Bedgebury this week? Can't do Friday, but whilst I still have AP I'd love to meet up.

If Jura and your AP aren't a match made in heaven, I will be AP less from next week - I keep trying to convince myself that I can manage alone <snort>.

jura Tue 26-Aug-08 00:26:30

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ingles2 Tue 26-Aug-08 07:10:01

Hi Marmaduke grin
Am really sorry but I'm in's still xmas hmm
Will email tonight after work.. CAT yet, but hopefully when I get back.
Have a good day ladies x

Weegle Tue 26-Aug-08 07:59:27

hi Ingles
that's a shame, but guess the right decision.

<slight hijack>
Squiffy - are you also in Kent? whereabouts? I am friends with a Finnish/English family and they have a Finnish au pair - if your AP would like a local contact? They are Crowborough.

squiffy Tue 26-Aug-08 08:21:09

I'll vouch for Jura and one of her children (haven't met the others). She makes a lovely cuppa.

Weegle, we're in Canterbury so the 'wrong' side of kent as far as Crowborough is concerned, but thank you for thinking of us. I am going to book Anne up with BSM assesment this week to see if she is ok for driving, then maybe she might be more mobile, but in meantime I haven't even suceeded in getting her to go for a walk in the orchards by herself yet....

jura Tue 26-Aug-08 08:32:23

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

QuintessentialShadows Tue 26-Aug-08 08:41:22

I can vouch for Jura too.

She is totally lovely. Can put up with my drunken blabbering, and also get me on the tube and HOME - though not sure Jura wants an ap that require those sort of maternal/managerial skills.... wink grin

Jura is lovely, funny, as "normal" as any accountant type mumsnetter can be....

NewTeacher Tue 26-Aug-08 08:49:02

If she's still going...Does she drive? We are desperate ours has decided to leave just before school starts!

AtheneNoctua Tue 26-Aug-08 08:55:37

So, no one os going to mention the cheese packaging and the very tidy linnen closet OCD tendancies?

Oh, okay, then I won't either.

Seriosly, Jura is a good employer. Treats here nannies/au pairs with respect and has been known to remind her DH (under threat of torture) that he must do the same.

imananny Tue 26-Aug-08 10:18:54

Am I a good match maker then? smile

i immed thought of jura when i read ingles post

SHUSH about the cheese&linen cupboard - smiletbh its not HARD to wrap cheese, is it ffs

jura Tue 26-Aug-08 13:07:56

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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