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CM Club - Advise re government funded places for 3 year olds please????

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star1976 Sun 24-Aug-08 10:57:31

I have a parent who was under the impression that her daughter who turns 3 in December would be entitled to the part time funding for 3 year olds that is available in nurseries.

Explained that as I am not part of a childminding network she is not entitled to it with me, so think that she is going to take her daughter to a nursery from the start of the January term sad.

Has anyone else lost mindee's to a nursery for the same reason?

Mindee has been with me sine she was 11 months old and am sure parent wouldn't be considering moving her to a nursery were it not for the saving they will make (what ever that may be?).

There are no networks in the Bromley area for me to join anyway though so worried that this will happen again with other mindee's!

Lost a full timer a couple of months ago too as they moved abroad so if this one goes I will but up sh!t creek!!! Not to mention my DS will be devestated! sad

Tas1 Sun 24-Aug-08 12:06:07

Yes, I lost a mindee because she went to playgroup once she got her free funding.

I managed to fill her space fairly quickly thank goodness.

ThePrisoner Mon 25-Aug-08 16:02:37

You need to be an accredited childminder for parents to take advantage of this.

You do not have to be on a network to be accredited.

KatyMac Mon 25-Aug-08 16:04:30

Do get in touch with NCMA as they have a wy of doing the accreditation (I think)

It happens all the time

Shoshe Mon 25-Aug-08 16:08:09

I am a Accredited CM, and I do belong to a Network, but you don't have to.

nannynick Mon 25-Aug-08 16:34:42

Surrey NEG Provider Guide
Maximum entitlement is 38 weeks, up to 5 sessions per week, sessions of 2.5 hours duration.
Requirement: A registered childminder working within an approved network accredited as promoting the Early Learning Goals.

Can't find info about how much money the provider gets, though before I think I did locate it for my area, may have been £8.20 per session, though could well be different. I recall it wasn't sufficient to cover the cost of the childcare, as in my area childcare fees tend to be around £5 per hour.

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