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What do you do with your over 8's after school to keep occupied!

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sunnyshine Fri 22-Aug-08 09:58:50

Hello, what do you do with over 8's after school to keep them busy and not bored! i am used to little ones really and would love some advice! thanks

star1976 Fri 22-Aug-08 11:43:42

Well I find that a lot of the time the older one's just play together!

Always have lots for them to do if they want to though!

Jewellery making, movie night, cooking (help make dinner or dessert or just making cookies and cakes and stuff), sports day type games, water fights in garden.

They are also not too old for ordinary arts and crafts just with a different twist, the girls like to cup pictures out of old magazines and make their own.

Hope that helps!

SammyK Fri 22-Aug-08 11:57:58

Older mindees I have found have enjoyed..

art and craft projects (PYO mug, plate/ make cards, ideal house sticking project with argos book, favourite meal on a paper plate with glue or paints, etc)

Cinema - dvd and popcorn

Air drying clay

Baking (buns, biscuits, pizzas, etc)


Hide and seek - pair them ith a little one to an older one

Treasure hunts with clues to follow

If you run out of ideas ask them.
I find the schoolies are great company for me and littlies, and a replus to the mix. smile

OFSTEDoutstanding Fri 22-Aug-08 19:57:26

I have looked after many over 8's after school and in the holidays and I tend to find that in the holidays they want to be active all day almost like being at school. But in term time I have never had an over 8 that has wanted to anything other than watch tv play computer or do homework. They know that the activities are there if they want them but mainly they just want to chill out after school. Also with all mindees leaving at different times they don't always want to get involved in something if they know they are only there an hour and have to have snack etc as well.

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