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Could you tell me about PT nannies

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Greatfun Wed 20-Aug-08 20:42:24

Excuse all the questions but I am new to this as we used a private nursery for DD. Now we ahve 2 DCS I am looking into the possibility of hiring a nanny on a PT basis.

I know this might be difficult to answer precisely but do you know how much a PT live out nanny would cost. 3 days a week (8-5) for 2 DCS (1 and 3). The 3 year old will be in pre school for 2.5 hours a day. We live in SW London/ Surrey.

If you go through an agency do you have to sort all the tax, etc out your self? I have seen quite a few ads on gumtree. If we were to go down this route presumable we would have to do the tax etc ourselves.

I would be open to the idea of having a nanny with her own child as it would be company for my DS. Do any of you have an opinion on this?

What happens about holidays, etc? I pressume we would pay her for a certain amount of holiday. Do you just try and coordinate your holiday time with one another?

What about extra costs? Do you give a certain amount a week for extras like playgroups or do they just take them and bill you seperately.

I think thats it. Thanks smile

snickersnack Wed 20-Aug-08 21:40:25

For 3 days a week, we pay our nanny £1500 a month gross. On top of that we pay about £115 employer NI - I haven't got the exact figures to hand. That's in London.

We used an agency as we'd never employed a nanny before. They offered us a PAYE service but we found a cheaper option - a guy who handles all the payroll and HMRC stuff for a very reasonable fee (can't recall how much but perhaps around £120 a year). Unless you're pretty good at that side of things, I think it's worth paying someone.

I wouldn't be crazy about someone with her own children - mine are the same age as yours, and I prefer them to have her undivided attention. But I'd be less bothered if they were all older.

She has 4 weeks holiday - she gets to pick 2 and we get to pick 2. So far it's worked out fine that way.

Costs - I give her money when she asks for it. She doesn't spend much at all and gives me receipts for big things, so I've said I don't need to see receipts or have her account for everything.

Hope that helps! Good luck. A good nanny is an amazing thing. Ours is lovely.

nbee84 Wed 20-Aug-08 21:43:33

I can't answer all your questions but;

I'm in north London/Herts, work 3 days a week and earn £255 net per week. This is around £300 gross plus you would have to pay employers ni too. My employer uses a payroll company, but I've read on here that it's not too hard to do yourself.

I have a nanny kitty that I dip into whenever I need it. I actually spend quite a small amount. This week we spent £3.50 on swimming and £5 at a PYO farm. Some weeks in the holidays we have a bigger trip out that costs more. I wouldn't do anything that cost more than about £5 without consulting with my boss. It gets topped up as needed.

Holidays tend to be split half nannies choice, half employers choice. Legally I think you would need to offer 16 days holiday a year (for a 3 day working week) - this can include bank holidays.

Millarkie Wed 20-Aug-08 21:49:36

Can't answer your questions exactly but I can give you an idea.
Nanny salary is not dependant on number of children/preschool attendance and is generally quoted as a net hourly rate (eg. £8-10 net per hour). I don't know what the rate for SW London is at the moment but I'm sure someone who does will be along shortly!
Whether you find a nanny via an agency or via gumtree or you will still have to organise paying their income tax and NI (employers and employees). You can do this yourselves or employ a payroll agency to do it for you (I use get an idea of the full salary cost try the nannytax website or
If you don't use an agency you will have to write a contract for your nanny yourself but there are templates on the web (nannyjob) which help.
I have employed a nanny with own child and it has it's pluses and minuses..I personally would not employ a nanny with a child without a reduction in nanny's salary (we paid about 85%) but some people are of the opinion that the salary should be the same.
Legally you must let the nanny have holiday (I think it's 24 days but would have to check - this includes bank holidays). Most people let the nanny choose 2 weeks and they choose 2 weeks...if the family go on holiday for extra weeks but the nanny is available for work it is usual to pay the nanny for this 'holiday' but you can ask for nursery tidying or similar to occur whilst you are away.
For extra costs (meals when out, entrance fees etc) I've always given my nannys a certain amount of money per week - and if I was bothered I would ask for receipts for larger sums. (Things like swimming lessons I pay for up front).
You also have to factor in heat/light of your home during the day (assuming you normally work outside your home), food for nanny (and her child), car insurance if nanny is driving your car and petrol, (or if she/he drives their own car, car allowance (normally 40p per mile))
Oh and check your liability cover with your house insurance provider.

If you can get childcare vouchers from your work you can use these towards paying an OFSTED registered nanny but you may need to pay towards their registration (first aid course etc)

Hope this helps!

suey2 Wed 20-Aug-08 22:08:16

We pay £10 net per hour which is pretty standard in central London. I would check out the London nanny company's website: they have a lot of the information you have requested- they are the agency we used. The holiday is 4 working weeks which will be 12 days for a 3day working week. HTH

Greatfun Wed 20-Aug-08 22:22:39

Thanks everyone thats great. I am trying to decide whether to return to work or not and getting a nanny would have really helped but it sounds like it will be more than I earn. Thats pretty much what I expected. Back to the drawing board.....

nbee84 Wed 20-Aug-08 22:33:29

suey2 - is that 12 days plus bank hols? If not you are not paying enough holiday days. You should be paying 15.5 days. Check entitlement here

miarosemum Wed 20-Aug-08 22:57:18

greatfun, if you are interested i am looking for part time nanny work possibly on a monday and a tuesday, i do have my dd who is 21 months old and i would obviously not be expecting a normal nanny wage with her in tow! if you want to chat further let me know i live in sw london as well.

imananny Thu 21-Aug-08 09:58:06

Im a part time nanny, work 3 days for a lovely family smile

I earn £10-nett (work 8-6.30) Tax and NI is on top of that - thinks its about another 100, so about £420 gross a week. My MB uses nannytax for tax and NI,though there are cheaper options, they seem to be the most exp at £260 a year - but again well worth employing a company to sort it out imo

Im not a mum, but know lots of nanny friends who are, and they take their child/ren to work with them,and seem to cope

I get 5 weeks paid holiday, 2 their choice, 2 mine and a week at xmas - though they family often go away for more than their 2 weeks, and I OBV get paid in full of that extra time off

I get all bank hols off and paid,and I also get 2weeks sick pay - this is above the average, but we both signed a contract happily with it in it - though the average seems to be that you put ssp in contract,and then use your judgement to whether nanny is ill, or pulling a fast one - I will go in on deaths door, and lie on soafe with kids and i watching tv, rather than take a day off

You can either supply a car during working hours, or get a nanny to use their own car, and you reimburse their milegae at 40p per mile - it soon adds up, and I advise if possible to supply a car, also means you dont need to swap about chnaging car seats/buggies etc - i pick up mb from station at end of day,we have a natter in car on way home and then I go

I get a credit card to use as my kitty, handy for putting petrol in car, shopping, trips out etc,also get cash kitty for small things like £1 playgroups

My family also pay for ALL my entrance fees to swimming/parks/farms etc, and also pay for my lunch/drinks when im out - obv I dont eat cavier and drink champagyne grin,but SOME famillies diagree what a nanny is allowed to use the kitty for - also worth agreeing to a limit each week/month so that you dont get bankruptedsmile

think i have answered all your questions - sorry for essay x

jura Thu 21-Aug-08 10:37:05

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

suey2 Thu 21-Aug-08 20:21:03

thanks nb84.I do include the bank holidays so it makes up the difference: Monday is a working day for her

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