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CM's - Question for you re: new registers...

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chel86 Wed 20-Aug-08 13:48:07

Just had letter through today from Ofsted confirming transfer to new registers in Sept but just dawned on me about my raios.

As is stands at the moment a child who turns 5 or is in school full time is counted in the 5-8 category. But the new rules state that a child is now counted in the birth - 5 group up until the 31st Aug following their 5th birthday.

My ds turns 5 in December, attends school full time in October. So which group will he be in? Do I have to wait til 31st August next year before I can fill his place with an under 5?

southernbelle77 Wed 20-Aug-08 15:08:09

Ok so just phoned ofsted and she confirmed that 'rising 5's' still count and will not come into numbers for under 5's. The letter refers to EYFS and that they are still classed under EYFS so we have to still do it for them.

Hope that makes sense.

Basically I should be ok for my dc and new mindee who will both be in reception but only just 4 as they won't come into my under 5 age group ratios!

ayla99 Wed 20-Aug-08 15:32:24

Unfortunately Ofsted are still saying different things to different people. Basically both Ofsted and DCSF have said we can continue to provide care under the old rules as it was apparently never their intention to change the current situation. Although its in breach of the current wording of EYFS, many staff at Ofsted have said we won't be penalised or lose our registration if found to be following the old ruling.

Since the revised EYFS came out in May with no correction, many childminders and parents have contacted OFsted, DCSF, newspapers & MPs etc, as Ofsted first said that children would have to be counted as an over 5 in term time and an under 5 in school holidays. Which would be ridiculous of course.

I have communications from both Ofsted and DCSF which explain its all being dealt with by the legal people and there will be some sort of formal announcement when its resolved ...

sunnyshine Fri 22-Aug-08 11:42:14

i had a letter today from ofsted stating my 4 year old can class as over 5 during term time and holiday as she is in full time education. hope that helps a little!

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