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Double buggy - will I regret buying a cheapie and should I get a decent one?

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MrsPuddleduck Wed 20-Aug-08 12:05:07

Someone has offered me a Kidz Kargo one for £40 including the raincover (secondhand - I have yet to see it but it apparently it is hardly used).

Should I just get a decent one?

I am only just starting out so am not sure.

I have a Phil and Teds but as DS and the little girl I am looking after are 2 1/2 I think a side by side one would create fewer problems.

dmo Wed 20-Aug-08 12:59:06

get the cheap one for now and as your business grows and your money pot gets bigger get a better one smile

i put away £10 per week in a pot for new bits like prams/carseats

Sullwah Wed 20-Aug-08 13:25:53

I am a twin mum and have a cheap double buggy in the boot for shopping - definately worth it - and in lots of ways better than the expensive one we keep in the house for walks.

TJ1976 Wed 20-Aug-08 14:03:38

Hi, When I started out as cm I had my own young toddler and caring for another toddler of same age. I looked high and low for weeks for the right pushchair. I drive so it had to fit in my car and through my front door without any issues. I also was amazed at the weight of the twin prams/tandems even when no kids sitting in them. I went for a side by side pram - Out N About. It's very light weight (I'm petite so needed this option!), its a 3 wheeler and the wheels are like mini bike tyres. I've been using this pram each day for 2 yrs! Its great! There are lots of them about. I bought mine brand new on Ebay for £285 - I know expensive! But its made my job so much easier getting about each day. It pushes itself without much pushing from me - unless I have lots of bags piled on the pram! There are lots of second hand ones about and colours so try looking on Ebay.

SammyK Wed 20-Aug-08 18:42:01

I have tried so many different doubles for childminding!

The nicest I have had have been a side by side bruin (umbrella fold) from toys r us (I got mine from an xcatalogue type market stall,
and my current double - a marco sky which is fabulous.

Shoshe Wed 20-Aug-08 18:50:51

I have a Marco Sky as well, you copied Sammy, (sticks tongue out)

Its great for town and school runs.

And a Kingswood 3-wheeler double buggy, for off road.

SammyK Wed 20-Aug-08 18:58:57

Yes I did copy from shoshe grin mwah hah ha!

Seriously though I love it.

My front bumper bar had got sun bleached so I have bought new fabric for it as I can't bear to part with it!

BoysAreLikeDogs Wed 20-Aug-08 19:03:33

I bought one a couple of years ago - was about £100, had to be careful as most wouldn't fit in my car boot (have a galaxy which has a tiny boot )

Can't remember the brand, it's stored in the garage until new baby starts in October [awww]

Shoshe Wed 20-Aug-08 19:04:32

Mine has teeth marks grin and when folded it lent against the Rats cage and they chewed a bit of the hood angry but I'm not parting with it.

BoysAreLikeDogs Wed 20-Aug-08 19:05:49

And I tried a Mothercare one last week - belongs to a mate, a tandem-style - didn't fit in the car by about 6 cms.

Am interested in the out n about, having a google in a mo

SillyMillysMummy Wed 20-Aug-08 19:09:47

Mrs Puddleduck, i have one i am selling for a friend on the for sale board, it is a big jogger type, i was going to keep it for when i get my registration through but i have only just sent it off blush I know very little about doubles but have had many many singles and this actually seems quite light to push, although is fairly heavy to lift.

SammyK Wed 20-Aug-08 19:36:21

Never test a double without kids is my advice.

taps nose knowingly.

navyeyelasH Wed 20-Aug-08 20:29:03

Mrs Puddle Duck - if you do get annew one would you be interested in selling your P&T to me at all? In my experience they are the best Tandems and the best side by sides are Marco Sky / Maclaren Twin Triumph!

I always go to a shop like mothercare, test out pushchairs weight etc then get on ebay and buy the one you liked best in the shop! wink

navyeyelasH Wed 20-Aug-08 20:33:09

Also here are some reviews:




all google results

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