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NVQ3 CCLD any assessors or students about?

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SammyK Tue 19-Aug-08 20:21:36

I am getting so so frustrated.

I need to write along the margins of my reflective accounts, the performance criterias I think I have covered.

I can't do it!!
I just keep reading them, then reading what I have wrote - and I can't link them up! sad
I have been told that I need to do it myself to show I understand what I have covered, but I just can't seem to get it to click in my head. I have been told my reflective accounts are great and really thorough, but just haven't seemed to have gelled to the NVQ way of working if that makes sense.? hmm

I have had a real head ache with assessors and now know I have been led a merry dance, my NVQ isn't organised 'correctly' as original assessor set it up differently to how everyone else at the college works.

I have an extension until december.

Please help I feel so frustrated and dopey!!

frannikin Tue 19-Aug-08 21:24:14

Can you give us an example of what you're struggling with? Like the performance criteria and an excerpt from one of your accounts and we can try and point you in the right direction?

The other option is to sit down with the criteria and think "if this was OFSTED how would I demonstrate that I'm meeting this target", list all the ways you can think of and then see whether you've done any of that in your reflective accounts but it sounds like you're kind of trying to do that already and just drawing a blank.

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