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Pregnancy and childminding?

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chloemegjess Tue 19-Aug-08 09:55:48

Hi, I found out last night that I am pregnant. Now I am panicking as I am meant to be starting childminding in September! I don't want to mess people around, but also don't want to not work until after the next baby arrives. Also, I am still in very early stages, so dont want to tell the parents, and then them go else where, and the pregnancy doesn't last iyswim?

But I don't want to get the children settled, and then have to tell the parents I am preg, and them be annoyed.

What usually happens when you are pregnant and childminding? Do you have maternity leave type thing? Or possibly thinking of just having a couple of weeks off to have the baby etc and then go stright back into it? But then my DD is only 7 months too so wouldn't be able to have many children anyway as I would already have 2 under 2 years!!

Sorry, I know I am babbling, but still in shock, and panicking as to what to do!

Any advice?

katieskids Tue 19-Aug-08 17:58:09

Childminding and pregnancy is very hard. You're providing a service and you don't want to let the parents down so no taking the odd day off because you're feeling sick/tired etc, you have to work on through. I am on my 3rd pregnancy whilst minding. My last 2 were born in the summer holidays and I was lucky that either the children were due to leave to move onto school or friends/family/prebooked holiday covered my time off (6 wks). This time though I'm due during term time and I didn't tell my parents until I was 22 wks (problems, testing, scans etc). Most were elated, even the new starter and together we discussed what they wanted to do when I finish. I've told them that I will not tie them into coming back if they find alternative care which they are happy with as the contract will cease on my last working day. 1 parent though has barely spoken to me since. I've helped her to find alternative care and only wish to have 6 wks off which coincides with 1/2 term and Xmas holidays (she's a teacher) but she's still not happy! TBH it has upset me, but I stop and think how much time she would take off should she have another and I know it would be a lot longer (oh and I know she wouldn't want to pay me when she's off so I would have to manage on less money!)It's your decision, you will be tired starting with new children anyway let alone being pregnant as you put so much effort in settling both the children and the parents as you have got to earn their respect and trust. You say you also have a 7 month old. Good luck whatever you decide

AbbaFan Tue 19-Aug-08 18:03:19

If you only found out last night and you are starting in a couple of weeks, I wouldn't say anything just yet.

I would start minding and see what happens.

I minded while pregnany with DS2 and it was hard work, but I worked right up until 4 weeks b4 the birth.

chloemegjess Tue 19-Aug-08 22:54:02

Thanks for the reply. I have only so far agreed to a before and after school child 3 days a week and an 18month old for one full day a week (which is on one of the same days). So maybe I will just not advertise now and just take on temp contracts, but still do the ones I have got, and tell the parents after the 12 week scan. Any new enquiries I get I will tell them the situation from the start.

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