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Less than 2 weeks to go ....

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Arfa Tue 19-Aug-08 07:16:29

to EYFS day, but the campaign against it continues.

If you haven't yet signed the petition (and asked everyone in your address book to sign it as well) you can still do so at We know it won't stop the EYFS juggernaut, but your signature will show the government that there is a sizeable opposition to their policy.

And if you or your friends need convincing that the government have gone about this all the wrong way, watch this 10 minute video and see if you still fully agree with the EYFS.

Remember, the petition isn't asking for the EYFS to be totally scrapped, just to have it downgraded from statutory to guidelines and for a review into the whole EYFS fiasco.

Arfa Thu 21-Aug-08 07:03:43


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