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its so hard not to get hopes up!!!

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excitednanny Sat 16-Aug-08 22:29:20

have name changed to make this really anon incase prospective employer reads. had an interview today (was made redundant and my last day of last nanny job was thursday) it went extreemly well. the children are the same age as the job thats just ended. the family have had a fab nanny in the past, lets call her X. and one not so good nanny who didnt last long and 2 false starts. The mum told me today she could see me being thier new X. X seems to be held in the status that I am in my last job - very very close to the family etc.

Met the mum, and briefly met the kids and dad, all seemed very nice. I REALLY want this. She says they would like me to go away and think about if I would like to work for them and if on Monday I still think I would then to call her/the agency and arrange a time to have a play with the kids. That sounds positive doesnt it????? the only issue is its a bit of a treck for me which i think they are worried about too, took me 40 mins to get there which i dont thinks too bad.

I want to tell everyone but dont want to get ahead of myself cos I am so paranoid maybe she had somene in the afternoon today who was 100x better than me and they want them now. Just wanted to talk about it with someone and so thought this board would understand. I keep trying not to think about it...then every so often I get a wee dance of excitement and a spring in my step haha Im like an excited child! Need to put it out my head until I speak to her on Monday.

mogs0 Sat 16-Aug-08 22:46:29

That all sounds very positive!!!! 40 mins doesn't sound like too long a commute but maybe they're worried that if the traffic's bad/problems with public transport it might make you late getting to work. I think if you're confident that it won't be a problem then let them know as best you can!!

Good luck, I hope it all works out well for you!!

nannynick Sat 16-Aug-08 23:21:51

Great news it sounds very positive.
The travel time however I feel may be a problem. It took you 40 minutes on a Saturday during school holidays. Weekday during term-time I would expect to be a lot different. I am assuming you drove.
How far is it mileage wise? Do you feel the route you take is likely to be busier during school term time? If it took an hour say, would you still consider the job? Is the start time sufficiently early for you to miss most of the peak traffic (peek in my area seems to be 7am-9am).

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