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advice from a childminder please!!

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billyswift Fri 15-Aug-08 21:08:41

hello, i have got a wonderful childminder at last! one small prob tho' her child is very rough with mine for instance we collected them this evening and my dh saw hers punch mine should i say something? would you be offended? i know she does tell her child off if she sees them be horrid as i have seen her do it but i am upset incase hers is actually bullying mine. sorry its a bit garbled i hope you make sense of it!! thanks.

chankins Fri 15-Aug-08 21:11:40

hello, I cm, and would be very embarrassed if any of my dc bullied or hit a mindee, in front of parent or otherwise. I would think you may have to mention it if you are worried. As a cm, I would mention it to parent if it were the other way around, and their child was being mean to mine,(have had this situation and its equally as awkward!)

I am sure she will be professional about it.

KatyMac Fri 15-Aug-08 21:13:10

Could you say you are concerned about the children's relationship and do they generally get on - that way you have a nice opening

billyswift Sat 16-Aug-08 07:35:29

i suppose i am a bit worried as my last cm was a bit of a nightmare about everything once bitten twice shy as they say! my child is certainly no angel so i don't expect them to be a model child every second of teh day (would be quite nice sometimes tho!!)and i havent had any probs leaving them there you know not clingy or upset and gets really excited when we get to her door!

NumberFour Sat 16-Aug-08 13:38:21

i am also a CM and I would prefer the parents to say something to me than not! we have to "work in partnership with parents" and for this reason it is better for the mum or dad to speak up as soon as possible about something that is bothering them, rather than just set it aside and allow resentment to build up. As Chankins mentioned, she should be professional about it.

AbbaFan Sat 16-Aug-08 13:54:22

I am CM and I don't know why but children are always at their worst when parents arrive to pick up (my own and mindees).

My child and a mindee will get on fine all day and then have scuffle right on pick up. I do explain to the parents this is the case but it's so embarassing.

NumberFour Sat 16-Aug-08 14:10:06

Abbafan I know exactly what you mean! I read somewhere about mindees experiencing a "Suspension of Authority" when parents arrive. They don't know who is in charge, CM or parent, when they are collected so they play up and push boundaries etc.

billyswift Sat 16-Aug-08 15:45:58

actually come to think of it when i collected them once bfore they were at the park and they were all playing lovely till they saw me! hmm

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