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Panicking! My wonderful nanny, who is like family is going home to Australia

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thehuntress Fri 15-Aug-08 20:02:48

What a sh*t day! Work sucked and then I got home to have my nanny tell me she is leaving us because she is going home to Australia. She has been with us since my dd was 4 months old (a year and a half) and she is like family. I'm really worried about finding someone else, but I'm most worried about my dd. She LOVES her nanny. How will she take it when the nanny leaves and she NEVER comes back. If she was staying in the UK, she could at least visit. I know children adjust, but I'm sitting here in tears thinking about how she's going to feel. She's too little to understand...

Ughh..must start search for replacement sad. I found our previous nanny on gumtree but not sure I can face the onslaught of useless replies again to find the one gold nugget. I'm so depressed. That being said we live in Central London in an attractive neighborhood so maybe lots of young, energetic, nannies willing to take on a 21 month old will apply (puts on brave face)....

HarrietTheSpy Sat 16-Aug-08 01:58:15

Our DKiwiN left us to go home too, and we were v v v sad. But after a short time. Still DD looved her and she restored our confidence in the whole nanny situation after Nanny 1. We just caught up with her about a month ago - was hoping I'd be able to re-employ her in Feb, but she's off with the DB'friend to open a cafe. sad

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