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Some sort of swim course for child carers?

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navyeyelasH Thu 14-Aug-08 20:33:47

Anyone have any idea of some sort of child specific swim courses you can do? Not necessarily teaching to swim less formal courses if that makes any sense at all?


navyeyelasH Fri 15-Aug-08 18:25:39


dinkyboysmum Mon 18-Aug-08 19:47:04

i've just done the national life savers award. it doesnt teach you how to 'teach' swimming, but gives you the qualification to supervise children in the water.

navyeyelasH Wed 20-Aug-08 21:01:53

Hey dinkyboysmum sorry took so long to reply had some issues with my laptop! I've done that course already and thought it was brill but I am looking for something a bit different at the minute and don't know where to look sad!

Basically I want to do an "introduction to the water" course, like for example when you have a baby in the pool it's good to blow bubbles in the water, swoosh them around, sit on the side and sing humpty dumpty; that sort of thing.

Like if you look here as an example; what sort of course would the people that run these have been on? The company have their own course (see here) but I don't know if it's the best one to do or if it's more designed for people who plan to open a franchise (and thus might cost a fortune!)

If anyone has any idea about what I am talking about I'd love to hear from them! grin

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