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CM Club: Those of you with part time mindees.

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SammyK Thu 14-Aug-08 13:53:37

How do fill the odd hours you have vacant??

I have a part timer, which leaves me with a part time vacancy for an under 5 as folows:
Mondays all day
Tuesdays a.m - 12.30
Wednesdays 12.30pm onwards
Thursdays 1.30pm onwards
Fridays a.m to noon


I could do to fill it financially but it is a bit odd to explain isn't it!?

I know if a full timer came along I could give my pt mindee notice but I don't think I could! (but would probably have to as have bills to pay).

Would much rather try and fill some of the above hours though as part time mindee is lovely! smile

LoveMyGirls Thu 14-Aug-08 13:57:30

Due to the odd hours I think if a ft'er came along you would have to give notice (assuming you have no spare places) you could advertise ad hoc care and fit those in between (I've got 1 pt'er I've had for almost a year who only does 5hrs per week, he shared a space with another mindee who did 3 days now I've got to give notice because the 3 day pt child has left and I'll be replacing her with a ft child, I can't afford to turn away a ft'er for a pt child who does 5hrs per week)

Is there anyway pt child's mum could change her working hours so they are all mornings? Or maybe you could ask ofsted for a variation if the hours overlap here and there?

SammyK Thu 14-Aug-08 14:23:29

I have given up on Ofsted and their variations - they just do as they please with each request IME. hmm

I did think of asking mum about her working hours but would feel a bit cheeky asking, plus what if she changed her hours to accomadate me and them I gave her notice for a full timer - would feel like a right cow!

In septemeber I have another under five starting doing 9-3 M-F, so will only have this part time space available as ds is 3.

ThePrisoner Fri 15-Aug-08 21:18:40

If I have odd spaces, I let people know at social groups we go to that I am available for ad hoc care.

busymum1 Sat 16-Aug-08 15:30:46

advertise these as your vacancies, or ask parent to swap so either morning or afternoons and apply for variation for say 12.30 - 1.30 if needed to allow you to give part timer 5 morning/afternoons if not explain to parent you cannot fit another child around and say you may have to charge her a higher ammount to hold the other sessions for her e.g. a retainer of £20 a week to cover loss of earnings explain you wish to stay her cm but it places you in financial difficulty. I take on lots of shift workers like this but explain will have to charge them more as need to keep a full time space for part time hours only had one out of approx 15 parents not happy with this she tried other cm's nurseries etc realised would be the same with them appologised to me and took up space most parents get some tax credits etc so are happy to do this and can still claim up to £140 of a £175 bill

SammyK Mon 18-Aug-08 09:37:59

I am raising my hourly fee by 15p in september, so don't think mum would be happy about me adding more costs on.

Mum has asked me to swap one afternoon for mornings quite often, so I guess I could approach her and ask if it's possible. Hmm.

Don't want her to think I want rid or to take offence tho...

TP do you get much adhoc work doing that?

ThePrisoner Mon 18-Aug-08 20:28:46

SammyK - yes, I have picked up odd bits of work. I tend to take flyers with me so that people have my phone number and email address. You have nothing to lose by doing it!

I have, perhaps, been very lucky as I have actually ended up with some of my "ad hoc" children eventually coming full-time.

SammyK Mon 18-Aug-08 22:05:12

I have had that a 2hr a week child go to 30 hour week in the past.

Will have to market more when out and about I guess, like you say nothing to lose!

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