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EYFS 5 to8

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KIOOSES Tue 12-Aug-08 17:34:15

can anyone clarify what i should be doing with my over 5's. as a childminder i only look after the over 5's and have followed the national standards. have just attended eyfs training on recording assessment etc which i have got fairly clear. But here comes the rub from september the nat standards are no longer used and i have to adhere to eyfs which seems mainly aimed for the under 6's. Have spent the morning on phone to ofsted to a very pleasent but clueless girl who was vey vague,Could only tell my that ofsted have'nt defined that yet!! she said she would get my inspector manager to phone me still waiting. Help my inspection due sept 9th!!!!!!!!!!!

squirrel42 Tue 12-Aug-08 20:16:25

EYFS only applies to children up until 31 August after they turn 5. From then on you're in the clear! No EYFS learning & development stuff, and you're right no more National Standards. If you only look after children older than that then you don't need to be on the EYFS register; you'd just be on "Part A" of the General Childcare Register (Part B is the voluntary section for people who currently don't need to register with Ofsted at all, but for some strange reason would like to). Then you only have to comply with the compulsory requirements for being on the General Childcare Register eg. having a first aid certificate, not giving corporal punishment.

I admit to being a little hazy on the full extent of the requirements but it's certainly less than the current National Standards. And you wouldn't get inspected on the quality of your childcare - not good or outstanding, just whether you met the requirements or not. In fact you also barely get inspected; the current plan is only to inspect a certain percentage of General Childcare Register providers each year, rather than everyone once every few years. Odd!

Another thing I'm not sure of is if you are registered for EYFS-age children but don't actually have any on roll, whether your inspection would still look at all the EYFS stuff and you'd have to meet all the learning & development bits? Maybe someone else knows more?

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