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Tuesday Staff Room

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mumlove Tue 12-Aug-08 09:04:08

Morning to you all,
What is the weather going to do today? BBC website gives rain but outside there is blue sky with scattered grey clouds do I risk the park and get the mindees excitied only to get there and it rains?

Hope you all have a great day and the mindees are good.

PinkChick Tue 12-Aug-08 09:06:35

Morning ML, i have one mindee today who doesnt usually come only before and after school, so have to go for doc check up (go every other tues), so said we can go to park near docs if rain stays away or sports cafe for early lunch if not!..still have to walk back thohmm, so will be taking brolly's(i have cuts offs and crocs on so am PRAYING it DOSENT rain!
got settling in session for baby this after noonsmile
have a good day whatever you choosesmile

SammyK Tue 12-Aug-08 09:13:21

We wee meant to be off to the museums quarter in town but s pouring down here so we are going to make pizzas instead!

I spent last night putting photos in little mindees daily diary - they look lovely! Hope mum likes them. smile

KatyMac Tue 12-Aug-08 10:13:44

Morning - doing wages this am & invoiced this pm

I can't stand the rain....on my conservatory roof - it is so noisy

FeelingOld Tue 12-Aug-08 11:23:53

Morning - well i am on holiday this week (and next week) but have just been for my tests and interview to do the nvq 3 ccld so start in september, what have i let myself in for?

The weather here is rubbish, it better soon get better cos we are going away for few days next week, dont know if katymac remembers but we camped not far from her this time last year and they had a severe weather warning and the weather was awful so i reckon i deserve it to be a bit better this year.

mumlove Tue 12-Aug-08 12:19:48

We didn't get to the park as we keep getting showers so everything is wet!
Went to 1 of the toy library's and choose some different toys to play with happy mindees.

NumberFour Tue 12-Aug-08 13:17:42

Hi, All
I joined Mumsnet last night and this is my first time in the Staff Room! I am a childminder in Surrey and have it a bit quiet this week with my school children not being with me.

We were also going to go to the park today but chickened out because of the weather. So we went to the library instead and joined up with Team Read. Looks interesting!

Let's hope the weather improves esp for you, FeelingOld! We camped last year in the rain and it was hideous. Rained non stop for 8 days and nights.

mumlove Tue 12-Aug-08 14:33:24

NumberFour - welcome to the staff room smile.

southernbelle77 Tue 12-Aug-08 14:56:30

Hello all! New mindee started with me today. Had a bit of an unsettled morning but after a nice sleep and some lunch, mindee now happily 'playing' (ie emptying out all the toys ) which is good. Other mindee asleep and dd is watching some tv for a rest!

Was hoping to go out today to the park or for a walk to the shops but the weather has been so changable I haven't dared risk it!

jillyj Tue 12-Aug-08 15:06:59

we are meant to be doing legoland thursday. anyone know what the weather is going to do!!

PinkChick Tue 12-Aug-08 16:40:23

hi all, another mindee just in not coming paying but not working the last 4 weeks of notice as parents off and then when they go back to school they want her to start his new palce with everyone else, only found this out this morn so no time(or money) to buy her a little present, or have a leaving party like we ALWAYS, mindee and dd went out for lunch today and let them choose, was nice but still sadsad

mumlove Tue 12-Aug-08 17:39:10

PC - sorry that another mindee has left.

I think the crunch is hitting everyone, I am not sure how we are going to pay all the bills if I don't get some new mindees soon!

KatyMac Tue 12-Aug-08 18:09:22

Aww sorry PC

BoysAreLikeDogs Tue 12-Aug-08 18:15:03

PC, sorry to hear that.

Hi all

Went to the park today - massive rainstorm hmm

After lunch went for a walk around the village - massive rainstorm hmm

I truly don't mind the rain it's just a PITA when you have to keep drying coats/stuffing wellies/changing mindees clothes.


Oooh oooh welcome NumberFour


vInTaGeVioLeT Tue 12-Aug-08 18:23:08

welcome number4 grin
so sorry to hear that PC sad

i finished 5 hours early today grin so we went to macdonalds for lunch grin

today we had sun/rain/sun/rain/ etc etc there is some blue sky showing now!

nannynick Tue 12-Aug-08 19:22:47

Welcome NumberFour, I'm in Surrey as well - big county mind grin

jillyj - Thursday Am looks ok, PM looks like rain. Friday looks much better though.
A CM friend of mine went to Legoland yesterday and said it was v.v.busy, v.v.long queues.

Managed to go for a short walk this afternoon, but didn't risk it this morning - went to indoor play instead. Tomorrow looks like it will be very wet all day in my area... so that will be fun, may see if the children want to go swimming.

PinkChick Tue 12-Aug-08 19:55:32

thanks everyone, just one of those things isnt it, its so hard for cm's at minute!

Hi Nick, whihc centerparcs did you go to last week??.was it in one of the new lodges?, were going in Nov for the christmas theme again, cant wait.

nannynick Tue 12-Aug-08 20:11:57

Longleat. Not one of the Woodlander one's, though next year it will be.
I've been near Xmas before, I like it at that time of year, though bit chilly cycling back to the villa from evening swimming!

SammyK Tue 12-Aug-08 20:12:20

PC am sending you an email....

nbee84 Tue 12-Aug-08 20:19:41

We went swimming this morning and did lots of cooking today. We made jelly boats ,rice salad and rocky road crispy cakes - yummy smile

Tomorrow we are going to RAF Hendon and the library for storytime.

Another good indoor activity for wet days we did last week - We sellotaped lots of paper together (though a roll of lining paper is good) and made a house with lots of rooms and cut up an old argos catalogue to put items into the rooms. Kept a nearly 3 and nearly 5 year old busy for just over 1½ hours!

SammyK Tue 12-Aug-08 20:22:23

sorry to hear about your mindee leaving PC sad

nannynick Tue 12-Aug-08 20:23:56

RAF Hendon is good for a rainy day... though long way for me to travel - did it in my previous nanny job once.

I did cake making this afternoon. Didn't have jelly for jelly boats (were you watching Big Cook Little Cook by chance, the jelly boats episode was on cbeebies today!).

nbee84 Tue 12-Aug-08 20:30:56

grin yes we did watch BCLC!

Yet another rainy day activity - we go to a diy store and get lots of bits off the sample rolls of wallpapers (they usually have a few childrens wallpapers too) and take them home to make a collage. The children like it they've chosen all these materials and are more keen to do someting with them than when I just present them with bits for cutting and sticking.

Shoshe Tue 12-Aug-08 20:46:57

its not raining here in spain grin jus a quick check in to see how you all are grin

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