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fayeso Mon 11-Aug-08 17:15:50

Someone please help me!!! I am so i correct in thinking that as a childminder I no longer need an Equal opportunites and safegauding children(child protection) policy.I just need to be familiar with the procedures to follow?

Also what about a complaints policy?do i just need to tell parents about the complaints procedure?

If anyone has the time could you do me a list of what i must have?

ayla99 Tue 12-Aug-08 14:39:48

My understanding is that childminders do not HAVE to have written policies under EYFS. But I think its better to have the policies in writing - when Ofsted visit they will need to see how you meet the requirements of EYFS. Having policies & procedures in writing means there is less to explain & remember at inspection time!

Have a look at There are loads of basic policies you can adapt. This is one suggested starting list:

Sickness/Exclusion Policy
Behaviour Policy
Emergency Procedure
Missing Child
Uncollected Child
Equal Opps
Safeguarding Children
Contact/Touch Policy
Complaints Procedure

fayeso Tue 12-Aug-08 16:13:00


Thanks for that-as far as I can see in the statutory framework book you definately do not need a safeguarding children policy and a equal opps policy it states this on one of the pages(for childminders this is), but you need the others...

Anyone elso got their head around it yet!!!???

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