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Play Ideas??

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TJ1976 Mon 11-Aug-08 13:09:21

Anyone bought a good book on messy/play ideas (for young pre school age)? There are so many on Amazon but would prefer a recommendation. Any help would be great!

nannynick Mon 11-Aug-08 13:48:17

Haven't found any good books, perhaps it would be better just to ask on here for ideas.

My latest play idea - Water Play with Tubes and Pump:
I have just been to my local hardware store and brought some plastic funnels and lengths of transparent plastic tubing. Also got a hand-operated syphon pump. So those will all be used for some fun water play.
Combine those with some plastic bottles, and the children can try syphoning water from one container to another, water-tray to plastic bottle.
Now to hope for some sunny weather, think this activity may be best done outdoors.

Dynamicnanny Mon 11-Aug-08 15:47:01

I love playing with

gloop - cornflour and water

ice cubes - either just as they are or freeze toys in water so the toys are exosed when the ice melts

pasta - cooked pasta(with food) colouring - spaggetti works best or dry pasta and lots of pots to scoop and pour with

flour - empty the flour on the floor and make "snow angels" and talk about snowing as yu sprinkle it

sand - wet or dry it can be fun

shaving foam


paint - put paint on a flat surface and make patterns in it using fingers or other implements


navyeyelasH Mon 11-Aug-08 19:15:23

I have the little book of messy play. I can scan and email you a few pages if you like so you can get a feel for it? Not the whole book though due to copyright etc sad

Nannynick - did the stuff cost a lot? That idea sounds brill - could also colour the water, mix colours from 2 different sides using pump. How fab!

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