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Monday Staff Room

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mumlove Mon 11-Aug-08 07:02:30

Hello everyone,
Back to work for me after 2 weeks off and it's way to early! I am doing 3 days holiday cover for another childminder and mindee was dropped off at 6.45am. I need my bed.

Just need the phone to ring with some more new mindees as I now need the money after losing my FT mindee.

KatyMac Mon 11-Aug-08 07:43:17

You & me both (too early & no mindees)

BradfordMum Mon 11-Aug-08 07:47:36

Morning - just waiting for my one mindie to arrive - hoping to hear from 2 prospective parents who promised to 'let me know'. Ah well, everything happens for a reason my Dh says.
Have a good day ladies and Gents.

Sally xx

eleanorsmum Mon 11-Aug-08 08:36:41

morning all, back to work for me today too after 2 weeks hols and a birthday party yesterday for dd! also got my interview for my EYPS this morn! then working this pm with two lo's. had a phone conversation last night with a lady from dh's work who wants term time only care (which is what i do mainly!) so things are looking up! only snag is being over my numbers for 6 weeks! might have to farm out dd for three days a week for those weeks! decisions decisions!

have a good day all!

hennipenni Mon 11-Aug-08 08:58:46

Morning all. Been back at work for a week now. I too need the phone to ring so I can replace mindee who gave notice.

SammyK Mon 11-Aug-08 09:10:24

Morning smile

Lots of us with vacancies, I had a boost at the weekend with a lovely email - someone desperate for me to have a place as I come highly recommended. smile They are coming to meet me on wednesday and sound lovely. smile

I have the day off today, meeting my two sisters and their kids at the park.

looneytune Mon 11-Aug-08 09:17:41

Morning all. Thought I'd pop in as only 3 weeks left til back at work and I feel out of touch recently!

Mumlove - thanks for the email last night, going to have a look shortly as got tied up last night. Sorry you had an early start, I used to start at 6.45 3 days a week and boy am I glad I don't have to do THAT anymore!!! Hope your phone starts ringing soon!

Katy - morning, things still not great then I'm sure it will turn around for you soon, you've done so well in the past and sure you can again. Are you still going for the nursery thing?

Bradfordmum - good luck, hopefully they will let you know soon and it will be good news

EllieM - hi again Good luck with the interview and possible PPs. Great that things are looking up. Just remember though, if you need to get rid of dd on the days to allow the numbers then remember to get a variation from Ofsted first. Sure you knew that though, just thought I'd mention wink

Well, I'm off to a farm park today with one of my mindees, her sister and mum. Tomorrow we have another appointment with cranial osteopath for JJ then straight off up north to visit my family and ds1's godmother (who I haven't seen for ages, we went to school together when we were 4 until I moved down south!). Coming back either Thurs afternoon or Friday morning then got the weekend to sort/pack stuff for camping in Poole. We're off on Monday and coming back Thursday and it's our first camping trip, dead excited but nervous at the same time. Mainly due to taking an 8 week old with us who cries a lot (not his fault and he is improving!). Then after camping it's just ONE WEEK left at home before I start back with the kiddies and have 3 under 19 months and 5 yr old ds!!

I've been getting myself into a bit of a state as overwhelmed by how much needs doing. I've been frantically sorting paperwork out and have yet to read the EYFS pack! blush The house is a state and needs sorting and I'm just so tired all the time. Oh well, I'll feel better once back up and running!! Planning to take laptop, paperwork and EYFS pack to my parents and HOPEFULLY get some stuff done whilst I'm there.

I need to sort some advertising out too. I've been INUNDATED with enquiries for children under 5 and so my waiting list is getting big BUT I don't need this, I need over 5's and I just don't get the calls If I do, it's for a school I can't pick up etc. so no good. I need to get adverts up at local post offices/shops and hope that someone will want a childminder. I'm pretty desperate as money is tight and my after pre-schooler (who was classed as over 5) has now left as starting school and mum has changed hours so can do the school runs herself. It's great that we still see each other and get on really well as friends but obviously my income is down somewhat. I do have 2 kiddies lined up but it's not for now, 1 is April start 2 days a week and the other is Sept 09 start for 1 day a week.

Right, best go and make a packed lunch ready for our trip out. Have a good day everyone and sorry for the moan at the end blush

looneytune Mon 11-Aug-08 09:18:43

Hi Henni & Sammy Good luck to you and anyone else looking to fill vacancies!

LT x

mumlove Mon 11-Aug-08 09:42:07

Looney - I live in Poole, where are you camping?

looneytune Mon 11-Aug-08 09:55:07

Beacon Hill

mumlove Mon 11-Aug-08 11:07:29

If you get the time go and visit our lovely Mr Farmer Palmer here. I am drooling just thinking about him.

SammyK Mon 11-Aug-08 16:20:08

Had a nice time at the park with my sis and he dcs, then went to nearby charity shop... I got this


and this

for £5.20! grin

Off to read through thread now..

SammyK Mon 11-Aug-08 16:22:56

Mumlove that place looks fab - wish it was nearer to me ds would love it. smile

LT befriend the school secretary and head teacher grin , seriously though I'm sure someone will come along for you.

Shoshe Mon 11-Aug-08 17:17:58

good evening from spain grin been at th beach now going out forv dinner

southernbelle77 Mon 11-Aug-08 17:37:19

Go away shoshe!!!! I'm jealous! Glad you are having a good time!

I've had one hell of a day! Children all playing up and it's been getting to me! Glad the day is almost over (dd WILL be going to bed soon ) and hope tomorrow will be better! Got new mindee starting tomorrow so hope that goes ok.

Sorry not got the energy to reply to everyone individually!

BoysAreLikeDogs Mon 11-Aug-08 17:48:29

Hi all

Busy day as usual.

Mindees all gone now, got to do paperwork tonight [groan].

Hope you have all had a good day; sending vibes to all those with vacancies smile

Mum2Luke Mon 11-Aug-08 23:00:38

Anyone got ideas on how to 'lose' a child, his hours have gone down so much that its not paying and I have a friend with a 2 yr old and a baby (the 2 yr old I have minded before) who cannot find a childminder with any vacancies in her area or the ones that have won't start early as 7.15am.

The parents mess me about really, first he's coming, then he's not cos he's ill/on hol or 'they've no money to pay me'. Getting a bit tired of excuses really. Shouldn't have to ask for my wage, they wouldn't like it if their work didn't pay them.

I cannot wait till Friday when I finish for my holidays to start. 2 weeks off then they are back at school!!!! (yay!!!) We've been to lots of places - even a stadium tour of Manchester City Footy Club and a Maize Maze where I still managed to come back with all 5 kids! The weather is rubbish at the mo so I'm doing Olympic Medals/torches and flags of the world tomoz with them.

I stayed at Weststarholidays site at Sandford Park, Wareham nr Poole, v good site originally owned by Deborah Meaden of Dragons Den fame - even got to meet the lady!
Happy hols you lot.

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