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Available Male Au Pair

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aupair Sat 09-Aug-08 23:39:40


My name is Cemal. I am a 23 year old Male from Turkiye(But I am in UK now.) I live with my family in Bursa. It is a nice place to live. There are 4 members in my family. My father is retired. My mother is a housewife. My sister is 19 years old and she is getting ready for the university exam.

I graduated from a high school where intensive English education is given. My grammar is good. Now I am studying Management at Open University. I have attended a computing course. I have got a computer operating certificate. English language is very important for my future career. I have decided to go to England as an au pair. I will have chance of practising my English while helping you with children and housework. I also will be able to experience different cultures and know more about your country.

I have decided to be an au pair as I have been dealing with children for a long time. I love to spend time with children.We live in the same block of flats as our relatives. I can say I have a very large family. I always have chance to spend time with my cousins and relatives' children aged between 2 and 12. I am their big brother and friend We play games. I read stories for them. I help the homework of those who go to school. I feel very happy to contribute their school success. In summers we go to fun fairs and swimming. I teach them how to swim.

I am also looking after our family friend's son aged 7. He is a very active boy. His parents say thank you because I can keep him busy. I also prepare food for him, help his dressing, sleeping etc. We do activities and play games. I read books for him.

In my free time I like reading. I am an active and sporty person.I like animals so much. I also like swimming, playing volleyball, basketball and cycling. I sometimes collect the children and we play these games. I am good at computers and. I do not smoke. I always help my mother with the housework. I always tidy my room.

I have completed my military service. I am a well-organized, responsible, reliable, hardworking and trustworthy person with the ability to adapt well to new situations.

I have an au pair visa and I can start as soon as possible if you want.

If you accept me as your au pair in your family, you will never get dissappointed because I am sure that I will be a happy and successful au pair. I will be glad to help the family with house works and spend my free time in near language courses. I am looking forward to meeting your family soon.

King Regards

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