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What do you say when you get a telephone enquiry from a PP??? I think I just fluffed

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MrsPuddleduck Fri 08-Aug-08 12:33:40

I only advertised yesterday on Netmums as I don't have my certificate through yet (hopefully end of this month). I don't have all my policies etc done (just some) and there are some things I still need to do but decided to try and advertise anyway.

I got a call this morning shock and was virtually speechless (perhaps I was just lucky with the advert hmm) anyway she started asking about prices and I was completely put on the spot. She says she wants to come on Monday and will phone back and the weekend to arrange a time (I don't hold out much hope).

Do you have to give a bit of hard sell when you get an initial call and would you tell people prices over the phone or would you just say that you can discuss it when you meet up?

Diane73 Fri 08-Aug-08 13:49:45

Lucky you!! I'm in same situation waiting for my certificate to come through, ofsted take so long its annoying!
I have been advertising as well but no joy as yet I don't think u need to give hard sell when you get a call just be yourself if they like you thats great, also try 1471 after they call that way u can always call them back he he!!!!(grin)
Where are u based i'm in farnborough? Also where did u get policies from I ordered some from e-bay and am disapointed with them any tips???

moshie Fri 08-Aug-08 13:51:10

I always tell how much I charge, and say if it includes meals, snacks and outings.I ask what hours she needs, age of child etc and try to be chatty and friendly. If she rings back, apologise for being vague or distracted and make an excuse such as being busy. Good luck.

MrsPuddleduck Fri 08-Aug-08 14:00:07

Hi Diane

I am in Stafford.

I have also considered ordering some policies from Ebay but never bothered. I made most of mine myself (with the help of the Bromley website) but did have some help from Shoshe on here.

So far I have done:-
Behaviour policy
Emergency and accident policy
Medicine policy
Sickness policy
Child protection policy

I still need to do:-
Visitors Book/Register
Accident Book
Medical Record Book
Child Protection Record
Daily Diary/sheet
Fridge Temp record
Healthy eating policy
Compaints procedure
Behaviour record
Parental Consent Forms
Weekly planner for EYFS
Some sort of observation record book

in addition I also need to do some sort of information sheet for parents with opening hours, what they need to bring, charges etc.

Now I have written it down I am never going to get it done for Monday as I am out all day tomorrow shock.

I have done the housework though so at least the place is clean and tidy.

MrsPuddleduck Fri 08-Aug-08 16:39:48

Have managed to do a few more.

I can email you some if you like Diane - I know how hard it is!

Only I wont be around now until Monday probably!

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