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What is the national childcare site?

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prettylilpookies Thu 07-Aug-08 23:09:35

Some had told me the name of the national childcare site thats shows all the qualified childmindrs etc. i have forgotten the site, does anyone else know it? i appreciate your help, im looking for a childminder and a babysitter for night class too )

KatyMac Thu 07-Aug-08 23:11:13

Possible the childcare information system (CIS) CIS

But it doesn't have all the childminder on - some childminders choose not to be listed

prettylilpookies Thu 07-Aug-08 23:16:32

thank you )

nannynick Fri 08-Aug-08 15:39:31

In England, the same database can be accessed using, I often find this server to be faster - but that could be purely my net connection.

In Scotland, use

You won't find babysitters listed. I keep asking ChildcareLink when they will do that, but I don't get an answer. Your local authority Children's Information Service should be able to tell you about Registered Nannies - and a registerd nanny may do babysitting (I do).

prettylilpookies - your profile mentions RAF Alconbury.
I found a on-base contact for you, with regard to childcare:
Location Building 700 /RAF Alconbury
Telephone Commercial 01480-82-3527/3675 DSN 268-3527
Hours of Operation M-F 0630-1730
I don't know how old the info is, but if you are on-base, this is worth a try.

MrsFluffleHasAWuffle Fri 08-Aug-08 15:40:51

Nannynick - do all RAF bases have a list of Childminders then? How would one get on it?

nannynick Fri 08-Aug-08 16:04:41

No idea I'm afraid. Though when I helped at a military (army) pre-school (good 15 years ago), the families officer certainly knew about local childcare providers.
On some military bases, they have what is known as HIVE (can't remember what that stands for) who provide information on all sorts of things. should give you a list, though I can't seem to access it at the moment (maybe my net connection playing up).

Try searching Google for specific base contact details, such as using a phrase like
"RAF basename" +childcare
important to have the Quotes and the Plus sign.

prettylilpookies Fri 08-Aug-08 19:55:11

yeah thats the cdc, the base childcare they do parents night every few months we pay like $15 for 3 hours! i have moved off of base now and am looking for childminders around huntigdon, as i am no longer with my spouse in base! thanks im sooo gonna check lut those sites tho ) your advice is much appreicated

MrsFluffleHasAWuffle Fri 08-Aug-08 22:50:12

Thank you very much Nannynick, found my local one and there's only 3 places listed and they are nurseries grin

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