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jackira Thu 07-Aug-08 22:34:02

Child minder required for 2 children,my son is 8 and my daughter is 5. Living in Brentford but the children go to the grange primary school in Ealing. Yes a total nightmare but it's the only school i could get them into. Would need to be able to have the children monday to friday, to be able to drop them to school for 9am(this will hopefully be a short term plan they are on a waiting list for the breakfast club at there school but i have no idea when places will become available)and then pick them up a 3.15pm untill approx 6pm. Some days it would be earlier than 6pm on the days i am in college but i wont have my timetable untill the end of august. On 1 day it could be as late and 6.30 this is when i am working and not in college.
I am a single parent at college and working part time, i recieve child care allowance so you will need to be registered. I know childcare is expensive but please dont responde if your going to give me crazy prices the 1 lady i found wanted £15/£16 pound an hour!!! I simply cant afford that. This would only be for term time only.

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