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Canadian Au pair - visa requirements?

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stressed2007 Thu 07-Aug-08 21:57:26

Right I think we may have found a Canadian au pair. I know the situation regarding visas is changing soonish but can anyone please tell me what we/she has to do now to get the relevant visa for her to come? Also how long can she work for us under this visa? Thanks

catepilarr Thu 07-Aug-08 22:16:44

stressed, you have already asked that twice?? sorry but i really dont understand why you keep asking

nannynick Thu 07-Aug-08 22:25:11

Think she can still apply for Working Holidaymakers Visa. It lasts 2 years, but only able to work for one year of it, other year needs to be holiday as main purpose of stay needs to be for a holiday, not for work. Needs to be aged 17-30 to qualify.

Would getting an au-pair from an EEA country not be easier?

AtheneNoctua Fri 08-Aug-08 08:39:49

Visa is as Nick says. It is easy peasy. She does the work under the Holiday Maker scheme (which I believe is still in effect but won't be for long).

I have had a Candian nanny, and about to hire another. The visa was absolutely no work for me.

AS nick says, she can work for 12 months, but they don't need to be 12 consecutive months.

stressed2007 Fri 08-Aug-08 11:53:02

Have I? Apologies if I have - post pregnancy brain and all that. I thought I asked about a South African girl that then let us down? For some reason any "threads I started" are not coming up when I hit this link. Any ideas why? Thanks and sorry once again.

And thanks fot the answers re. the working visa - I am going to revert to the Canadian girl now.

nannynick Fri 08-Aug-08 16:36:42

Don't get involved with sorting out paperwork for someone to come to the UK. It is up to them to sort that out. Point them in the right direction - and leave them to it.

Tier5 starts November 2008, so your Canadian candidate needs to get themselves sorted out before then.

From November 2008, Tier5 Youth Mobility Scheme will apply. It is Points Based.

catepilarr Fri 08-Aug-08 22:37:30

this is what i posted earlier. hope the link works

stressed2007 Sat 09-Aug-08 08:16:46

thanks very much for this. Catepilarr thanks for the link again - you were right - I have posted this before - I have totally lost my brain!

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