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*** L I V E O U T A U PAIR / N A N N Y P O S I T I O N A V A I L A B L E ***

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DaisyGirl3 Thu 07-Aug-08 15:24:37

We are a close and loving family of 6. A larger family than most, we have to therefore work hard to keep a good routine and on top of things.

We are very established in our ways and routines so cope pretty well with all that life throws at us!

This has been no less than with the diligent help of our current au pair/nanny who is about to relocate with her boyfriend.

She has done remarkably well with us and has blossomed under our guidance. She shall be sorely missed.

BUT this will be a fabulous new position for someone special out there to fill.

Please don't be daunted by the size of the family. We manage ourselves well and the duties will really be caring for the gorgeous Twinnines for the bulk of the day whilst the boys are at school.

There are just a couple of hours after school with all four of them until one or other of us gets home from work.

My husband and I are young-minded and fun, fair and decent people to work for. Something our current childcarer will vouch for and there is always give and take with us which we believe works both ways.

This will be a fun job in a home that has a positive and loving atmosphere.

We are sad to see our current lady go but also very excited to see who might come through our door next, in this new chapter in our lives. Please contact us via email at


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