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*AVAILABLE AU PAIR* (Start End Aug/Sept)

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alejandrop Tue 05-Aug-08 21:52:49

My name is Alejandro, i am 18 years old Male from Mexico (19 this November), specifically from a city called Mazatlan at the north-west of Mexico, i just finished high school here in Mexico, so far i have a bachelor degree, and a diploma on Humanistic area, i took pedagogy one semester and i have 200 hours of social service in a day care in my institute (ICO) in which i had to look after children, give them snacks, play with them, make them take their nap etc. And in the other institution i gave my services called CAM 25, i handled older children providing them materials to do crafts, and such, like a little tutor.

Besides from that, i was going to go directly to the University, but i considered and i think it would be more important for me in these moments of my life to start doing a job, a job like an au pair, which would be perfect since i want to keep on the social sciences area, i mean, the whole experience to take care of kids and teach them and trade my experiences and of course, thats what i feel passionate about right now.

Well, also i took 1 year of Plastic and Scenic arts, i love art movements actually (Impressionism is my wow) I also like music a lot (and i love classical music, like Debussy, Chopin, Ravel, Satie, among others), i love to cook (i have to say i am pretty good at it) I know how to drive (i've been doing it since i was 14 years old, here in Mexico everybody anticipates), and of course, i do a lot of home duties right now (i sweep i mop i clean like crazy! its actually a good exercise, keeps me fit and such haha)

Thats a bit of my education and well...a bit of what i do


When it comes about children, i actually adore them, really, once i play with them or talk to them they are like... non stopping little persons! of course, i need to get my breaks but hey! this is a serious job actually, so for me it wouldnt be like a paid holiday, Au Pair equals hard job to me which i commit to do since the very moment i put me eyes on a family. I have to say im very driven, and this opportunity its a chance in a life time, this is my time to grow as a person and actually bite a reality in which in a near future i'll have as a parent.

If you are interested and wish to contact me, you can email me at

poshtottie Wed 06-Aug-08 07:43:26

Which part of the world are you looking for?

Have you tried one of the au pair sites such as aupairworld? ( I think thats what it is called)

Sadly I am not looking for an au pair at the moment but I would have loved to have someone teach me spanish.

Good luck

alejandrop Wed 06-Aug-08 07:55:49

Im looking to work in the UK by the way...
I can go 6 months without visa too wink
and yes, i tried those sites...but i feel like i need to post in more places you know?

poshtottie Wed 06-Aug-08 08:03:30

Well I think this is a good place as there are lots of people who have au pairs on here who may be looking or know somebody.

Also there is an agency called that places guys only.

SimpleAsABC Wed 06-Aug-08 21:22:25

You sound excellent, hope you get something soon!

alejandrop Thu 07-Aug-08 01:19:53

i hope so too =)

objectivity Thu 07-Aug-08 01:24:30

I'm currently searching greataupair for an au pair starting September. Mornings and afternoons only, days free, 20 mins outside London centre.

I need to move house first though as do not have a spare room yet!

The last Mexican au pair I nearly hired wanted lots of money (over the legal au pair allowance) - what income are you hoping for?

alejandrop Thu 07-Aug-08 03:34:50

80 - 100 GBP per week
I wont abuse i swear, i can fit into many conditions, and besides, im not like into demanding that much you know?
How much are you willing to pay?
Seriously im like, jumping off my bed and off Mexico for a job.

Thank You

babs10000 Thu 07-Aug-08 03:37:22

do you like dogs??

babs10000 Thu 07-Aug-08 03:38:17

though i don't think mexico is part of the uk au pair agreemnet i'm afraid

alejandrop Thu 07-Aug-08 04:34:38

uh, that if i love dogs! i've got a beautiful lab
which agreemnet? they do give au pair visas in Mexico's embassy, but as i was saying, i can go free 6 months with no visa or such.

squiffy Thu 07-Aug-08 09:50:00

I am fairly sure that you can only come in on a six month visa if you don't work during that time. I think you are talking about a normal tourist visa, where you are banned from working.

Here in UK it is almost impossible to have au pairs who are not from the EU or the Commonwealth. Much as we would like to have the choice, we don't, because of Govt laws.

alejandrop Thu 07-Aug-08 23:21:07

No, i emailed the British embassy and they told me Mexicans are allowed to go up to 2 years with Au Pair visa, you have to apply online and the put an appointment to the embassy, take your papers and pay the $4500 pesos (450 USD)

sorry to burst your bubble, but it is not impossible

squiffy Fri 08-Aug-08 10:01:33

An Au Pair visa is now limited to these countries, and Mexico is not included.

Some people can come to the UK on 'working holidays' and stay for up to 2 years, but again Mexico is not on the list - see here

You could come as a student if you had a place on a recognised course

Or, you could come on a tourist visa and not work.

Or if you have UK parents or grandparents, or if you have specific qualifications/skills (eg Doctor or nurse) you may be able to obtain a visa that way.

The links I have shown here are from the UK government. Take a look around that website as it sets out the criteria very clearly. I think your information suggesting otherwise is out of date. Until recently you could employ people from any country and 'sponser' them as an employer but now you are not allowed to.

squiffy Fri 08-Aug-08 10:02:55

It is, by the way the same across much of the EU. I think Holland is an exception where you may be able to get a visa, but most countries are similar to the UK or stricter.

alejandrop Sat 09-Aug-08 01:19:59

ok we are not talking about my possibilites are we?

im talking about if someone might be interested in me =)

SqueakyPop Sat 09-Aug-08 13:16:42

You can't be an aupair in the UK.

alejandrop Sat 09-Aug-08 21:28:22

im sorry? is the thread name "CAN I BE AN AU PAIR IN THE UK"? i dont think so honey

catepilarr Sat 09-Aug-08 21:46:52

alejandro, people are just trying to tell you that it is not legal for people to 'employ' you as an aupair as you seem not to have the correct information. you dont have to be rude to them!

SqueakyPop Sun 10-Aug-08 14:06:55

I think families should run a mile from any sniff of illegal immigration.

squiffy Mon 11-Aug-08 10:47:14

Don't think you'll find yourself any takers when you go round insulting people, offering to work illegally, and calling prospective employers honey.

Feel free to go waste $400 on a visa that won't let you in the country, and kindly get lost. No one on this thread is going to touch you with a bargepole when you've got an attitude like that.

squiffy Mon 11-Aug-08 10:48:58

And by the way, many congratulations on getting your Bachelors degree before you even finished high school.

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