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To au pair or not to au pair? Your advice needed...

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MooandPops Tue 05-Aug-08 21:42:22

Am in a bit of a spot. Am a self-employed artist that works from home. I have two children DS 4 DD 6 months. My painting brings in money sporadically (always the bain of s/employment but sometimes good money sometimes very little) but is really good for me to do mentally even for just an hour a day and I think, makes me a much better and happier mummy to at least get my brushes wet of a day....

For the past year have had an au pair due to difficult pregnancy with now happy and healthy six month old dd. DS goes to nursery 3 days a week. DH took vol redundancy from long term job 3 months ago to go freelance which thankfully is working out well thus far but of course, things are very tight and we have a large mortgage to cover each month.

Our Au pair finished and left a month ago and am on my knees with exhaustion with absolutley no chance of painting in sight - very hard. Would love to get another au pair to help out, I have a range of stationary being launched this coming Autumn and have been offered some work organising shows but its a gamble for cannot guarantee that either of these things will bring in the bacon and fast. Am pretty sure that I can cover the £300 per month for au pair payment but am I being unreasonable not working like a dog painting, doing all childcare myself and not putting every single penny into mortgage pot?

Am too tired to work it out - your advice would be most appreciated.

nannynick Tue 05-Aug-08 21:59:07

Sounds like you may be wanting to know what other options there are.

Would you prefer not to have someone staying at your home? While an au-pair is a lower cost option, they are staying in your home which has it's disadvantages.

Other options are likely to cost you quite a bit more, thus may not be viable - such as having a cleaner and using a childminder for childcare a couple of days per week. But it would have the advantage that you get quality time to yourself, so you can paint in peace and/or attend/organise shows.

MooandPops Tue 05-Aug-08 22:09:12

Thanks for your thoughts Nannynick, it would be great not to have anyone stay with us but you are right the extra cost might well prove to be difficult but definatly worth looking into.

Good food for thought.

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