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what do other childminders feed their kids?

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nicm Fri 11-Feb-05 15:09:59

just wondering what all the other childminders feed the kids they mind? some of the parents who had been with other childminders previously seemed to be shocked that i would provide a cooked meal at lunch time. just wondering? am i giving them too much or is it about right. normally - 11am toast/fruit at toddlers, 1pm something like roast dinner/spag bol etc and then about 3pm fruit/yoghurt.

HappyMumof2 Fri 11-Feb-05 15:13:34

Message withdrawn

helsi Fri 11-Feb-05 15:16:23

The childminder I use gives dd (2 yrs) fruit as a snakc mid-morning then a sandwich (cheese, ham egg) a packet of crisps and a yoghurt at lunchtime. She has also been given a sausage roll, yoghurt and orange/banana in the past too. I do a proper meal in the evening so she knows to only give dd a light lunch.

KatieMac Fri 11-Feb-05 17:24:05

Breakfast is cereal with dried fruit, or toast & jam or porridge with fruit juice
Midmorning snack of biscuit/fruit or dried fruit
Lunch is cheese & potatoe pie or beans on toast or pasta & tomato salsa followed by yogurt
After school is milkshake & biscuit/fruit or dried fruit
Dinner is mince & mash, pasta with tuna & cheese, smoked haddock & rice with fruit & ice cream or cake & custard

KatieMac Fri 11-Feb-05 17:25:16

btw if a child chooses they could have up to 8 portions of fruit/veg each day.....most don't

ayla99 Sat 12-Feb-05 18:31:58

I do a 2 course lunch but I don't have time to do a proper dinner at midday. I do either a cold meal (rolls/pitta bread/sandwiches) with fruit or cheese cubes or carrots/cucumber or a warm meal like soup or beans/tinned pasta on toast, toasted sandwiches, pasta or rice with a sauce or chopped up sausage or veg etc. Followed by yoghurt, jelly or cake or biscuit.

alibubbles Sun 13-Feb-05 13:42:22

I always cook for the children at lunchtime, things like, potato topped fish pie, shepherds pie, chicken and leek, all home made with at least two fresh veg,

Lasagne, pasta with various sauces, filled pastas, pudding is only ever fruit, yoghurt, rice pudding bananas abd custard etc. All my food is made from fresh ingredients, I take the children to the farm to get the meat and a specialist farma shop for the fish. We get our veg from the market.

I do not use fish fingers or nuggets or potato thingies, only home made versions. It is quick and easy once you are used to doing it and if you plan in advance so you know what you are cooking. I often make a big dish of something for DH and I and the littles have the rest the next day.

I offer water or milk, no juice, snacks are rice crackers, raisins, cheese, ham carrots etc.

I never give sweets, chocolate or biscuits!

I also give the parents a menu of the likely foods that aweek, so they don't repeat in the evening. All mine go home to a cooked tea too!

I wouldn't want the children to bring food from home, firstly you don't know how it has been prepared, and according to FSA you shouldn't give food not prepared on the premises, and secondly, it is much easier to give the same, there are no dislikes with my kiddies, they all enjoy their food as I have had them from little and they just eat what thry are given, they do have favourites though!

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