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Can I be lazy and pinch someone's "Duties" section of a nanny contract?

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AtheneNoctua Tue 05-Aug-08 12:39:36

Mine is written more for babies and toddlers. So, obviously, I need to talior it to kids current ages (3 and 5). Dd (5) is in school full time and DS (3) will be going to afternoon nursery at the same school.

What does your contract say if you have similar ages?


HandbagAddiction Tue 05-Aug-08 13:16:18

Here you go - hope this helps.

X duties shall be:

1.2.1. Caring for X and Y
1.2.2. Preparing and healthy breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks and helping eat where necessary
1.2.3. Cleaning of X and Y’s bedrooms – to include changing beds - once per week to a standard agreed by the Employer .
1.2.4. Tending to all X and Y's washing and ironing each week, each child should have enough clean clothing to cover the week’s requirements.
1.2.5. Cleaning X and Y’s shoes each week.
1.2.6. Taking and collecting X and Y to and from School at the agreed times of the employer
1.2.7. Tending to all activities related to school including making lunch boxes, reading and writing work, packing PE Kit and bags etc.
1.2.8. Taking X and Y to and from agreed clubs, activities and playdates.
1.2.9. Providing a structured plan of activities each week, including activities inside and outside of the home, and include pre-school and school work for both girls (this also to include help with homework from September 2008).
1.2.10. Creating and maintaining activity / development scrapbooks for X and Y.
1.2.11. Ensuring that the playroom and any other areas of the house used, e.g . the sitting room and kitchen are tidy at the end of each day.
1.2.12. Other reasonable duties stated by the Employer regarding the care of X and Y.

AtheneNoctua Tue 05-Aug-08 13:38:51

Thank you. Hadn't thought about shoe cleaning, but definitely a good idea.

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