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CM CLUB: Weekend staff room

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PinkChick Sun 03-Aug-08 20:17:52

HI all, am here to brag reallywinkgrinjust had a lovely message from mum of mindeesmile..her dp was injured last week and is off work, cant movesad..i had her LO wed and thur and famiy have her fri, but as hes so poorly, i could imagine she hadnt been able to do much this wekend having LO and dp to run around after so i text last night to say how about i have Lo monday for couple of hours, just as favour, no charge so you can catch up with anything youve not been able to do this weekend, she text back while out and was the most lovely message saying she always felt unlucky till she met me and that shes so happy, her dd is so happy and she feels privelidged to have found me as she had long list of cm's, i was the first and she decided straight away not to visit otherssmile..only prob is, i read message quick, there was about 3 pages of it and thought id read it fully and have a smile later...but i erased itshocksad by mistakesad..anyway, was really nice what i read, her LO is absolutely adorable and i do actually miss her when shes not here, so no prob for me, am working anyway, but so nice to get feedback like thatsmile..just wish i hadnt erased it!DOH!smile

KatyMac Sun 03-Aug-08 20:36:39

Aww how nice - tell her one of the children erased it by accident & could she resend it (if her phone saves outgoing messages)

PinkChick Sun 03-Aug-08 21:09:00

LOL, id feel dea bigheaded thoblushsmile..maybe ill ask for aa refernce while shes feeling so happy(not that shes ever grumpy)!

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