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What would you do with a nearly 5 year old boy

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coolj Sun 03-Aug-08 19:27:31

who has a very short attention span. He gets bored really quickly when playing games or doing activities. He is always in a rush to get something out to play with but it rarely lasts 2 mins before he moves on to something else. He also constantly craves attention and support. Has anyone any ideas how to get him to actually sit at an activity for a reasonable length of time. When I recently had my Ofsted visit, the lady could barely get in a word as he constantly asked me questions hmm. He always has his 3yo brother and my 3 year old son there to play with so its not like he needs company. Any advise greatly appreciated. smile

nbee84 Sun 03-Aug-08 20:27:27

Treasure hunt - lots of drawn clues/simple word clues. Should keep him busy for a while.

Small tupperware box - get him to se how many things he can fit inside it.

Maybe not getting him to sit still, but should keep him busy.

5 yr old boys are notorious for not sitting still grin

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