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How do you find an au pair?

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pudding25 Sat 02-Aug-08 20:15:38

My friend needs an au pair for the summer (maybe longer). Please can you give me some ideas to pass on to her as to how to find one. Are there au pair websites? Thanks

Julesnobrain Sat 02-Aug-08 21:59:02

google au pair lots of web sites the best known one is au pair world.

pudding25 Sat 02-Aug-08 22:07:02

Thanks but how do you know that the au pair is not a mass murdering pyscho???!!! Do they have to provide references?

blueshoes Sat 02-Aug-08 22:51:53

Go on the premise that the aupair could be a mass murdering psycho and screen on that basis.

There are no assurances, even if you use an agency -which are not usually worth their fees the little amount of checking they do.

Your friend has to do all the hard work emailing the girls and keeping up a correspondence, asking references, checking up on references (I look for referees who can speak English and make sure I call them if possible). I check their passport when they arrive, particularly VISA-wise.

The aupair must have a plausible profile, usually gap year student. And their email responses must tally with their profile.

I figure that if a girl is prepared to answer 30 over questions in an email in English, she would probably be interested in the role. An axe murderer would find some easier fish to fry!

I try to stick with aupairs from the EU, so as to avoid VISA issues. It would almost impossible for a person from South America, China, Indonesia, Philippines to be able to satisfy the visa requirements, so I bin those applicants immediately.

'Tis a bit of a minefield. Read the other aupair threads in archive to get more tips.

Millarkie Sat 02-Aug-08 22:54:11

I've only recruited one au pair and haven't met her yet so I'm not an expert but my 'successful applicant' provided a police check from her own country, a couple of character references from family friends and a work reference (which we rang and confirmed her experience etc - but that's because I'm lucky enough to have a fluent German speaking dBIL). Hopefully she's not a mass murdering psycho but there's no guarantee!

catepilarr Sun 03-Aug-08 11:20:42

the last two are uk websites so more likely to get someone who is/ has been an aupair in the uk before. you can specify you only want people who are in the uk for interview or someone who has been an ap before. but then i would have thought you are lookin for a little bit extra then the most common aupair who is leaving her country for the first time so would pay more then the very basic 60 pounds a week.

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