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How do I go about getting a childminder?

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pudding25 Fri 01-Aug-08 21:57:06

I need to go back to work in January when my dd will be 7.5mths. I will hopefully be going back part time(although yet to be discussed with school head). How do I go about finding a childminder and what do I need to know?
How much do they charge? (I live in N London)
How many children do they usually look after and will they take babies?
Will they stick to a sleeping routine already in place?
Do the parents provide food and nappies?
Are they Ofsteded?
How far in advance do I need to start sorting out a place?

What else do I need to ask a potential childminder?

Please can someone help me as I am feeling so anxious about having to leave her with a stranger and dreading going back to work.

busymum1 Fri 01-Aug-08 22:52:47

all childminders work slightly different and charge varying fees depending on area and what they offer e.g. meals, nappies, infant milks all childminders are regulated by ofsted try phoning a few now as you will want to make sure best childminder for you is the one you choose normally a childminder may have up to six children only three can be under five and normally of those under fives one will be under one although if a childminder has their own children,works with another adult or has special permission this may change. All childminders should be able to show you and have on display a registration certificate and an insurance certificate they should also be able to show you an ofsted report within the past three years. may be a good place to start to gather information on local childminders although not all will be on the website but your local council should have a list of all in your area view as many as you feel you want/need to you will know when you have found the right one

chel86 Fri 01-Aug-08 23:01:27

Have a look at for childminders in your area. It will also detail their charges.

Childminders can look after in normal circumstances no more than 6 children under 8 years - only 3 of those can be under 5 and out of those 3 under 5 only one can be under 12 months (if this makes sense!).

Childminders should be registered with Ofsted and have a registration number and displayed certificate - if they're not then stay clear.

Childminders provide different things. This is all dependant on the person. Some may provide food and nappies, others don't. You just need to ask what's included.

And childminder's will stick to the baby's routine if you ask them to, as much as they can.


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