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CM Club:I don't have a clue how to title this - I'm not sure if I'm upset about this or disappointed

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KatyMac Thu 31-Jul-08 19:26:48

Parent said today (at 8am) I might not bring child tomorrow, not sure yet but I'll phone you later

So at 5:30 I texted to ask what decision she had made

No reply

So I rang, child answered Mummy is busy

Rang again, 20 mins later, child answered Mummy is busy

So Texted at 7pm

No reply

Now normally it wouldn't matter - I work Fridays, so it's not an issue. But tomorrow DH is at Papworth again, so I have 2 employees coming in to cover

All the other children (5 of them) have unexpectedly cancelled, so this is the only child attending.

Now I have to pay the employees anyway but it would have been nice to give them the day off

But I can't do that now so I'm a bit sad

You can see the confusion

GordonTheGopher Thu 31-Jul-08 19:28:09

I would send a text saying you are assuming they are not coming as they said they would let you know.

This is the same one that forgot the child right? I'd be giving them notice.

MaureenMLove Thu 31-Jul-08 19:29:34

Completely! I'd give them the day off and txt mother to say you assume she doesn't want you.'

KatyMac Thu 31-Jul-08 19:29:49

I would but I just laid off a member of staff because we are so short of children

If it was just DH & I, I would - but because we are responsible for 4 other people livelihood I can't really

KatyMac Thu 31-Jul-08 19:33:02

If it wasn't for them I would have said not to come back again (after yesterday)

MaureenMLove Thu 31-Jul-08 19:35:24

Bit odd that the child is saying mummy's busy. Looks like the only thing you can do is keep txtng and ringing her then.

KatyMac Thu 31-Jul-08 19:53:12

Can't be bothered

MrsFluffleHasAWuffle Thu 31-Jul-08 21:29:21

I think a text saying that you will assume not wanting place and not to turn up as closing for the day etc etc if don't hear by say 10pm.

KatyMac Thu 31-Jul-08 21:32:23

Got a phone call (I didn't answer) & a message saying she doesn't need care Friday or Monday

So I cancelled my staff

imananny Fri 01-Aug-08 09:05:10

Now i see your need for wine and choc last night katy

this lady is def mucking you about!!!

KatyMac Fri 01-Aug-08 20:36:45

You think?

I think. Def.

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