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CM CLUB:Notice or not?

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PinkChick Thu 31-Jul-08 15:55:29

i ahvea mindee who i have jus maybe been given notice on as parents need more hours and cant afford to pay me them so want to use another childcare option...i have said i would do the extra hours same as other place for same amount theyre charging whihc means more hours a week for me BUT less i mad?, dp thinks i am?

Love2bake Thu 31-Jul-08 16:02:44

Its not something I would do.

Depends on how much you charge / how much you are losing really.

southernbelle77 Thu 31-Jul-08 16:08:43

can u afford to lose mindee? Or would they be easily replaced?

PinkChick Thu 31-Jul-08 16:11:22

id be losing £14 a week but doing 10 hours extra (longer after school)

have just rang dad to say sorry if i sounded pushy, that i can understaand if ht emindee would rather go to these other palces(more friends from school) and id be fine if they chose that over me, wouldnt be a prob..TBH wish i hadnt said anything nowhmm

PinkChick Thu 31-Jul-08 16:13:38

i have a prospective mindee coming for second visit tomorrow, that would be 20 hours per week and money wise would equal out the other two part timers that have just left (on good terms, family reasons), then old mindee wants to come back sept and would be before, after school and some lates/nights, then i also have a child whom is actually going o the palce this mindee is thinking of going (and parent hates ithmm) who would be after school only...???

PinkChick Thu 31-Jul-08 16:18:38

if i cahrged for those extra hours i would be getting £40 EXTRA a guess now i need to know how i can tell them i may have changed my maind?, i dont particulary want to work late every day for less, much less money?

MrsFluffleHasAWuffle Thu 31-Jul-08 16:52:29

Sounds a hell of a lot of extra hours to me Pinkchick. I think I would give notice personally. You are a business not a charity!

MrsFluffleHasAWuffle Thu 31-Jul-08 16:52:46

Can they get Childcare Element?

Love2bake Thu 31-Jul-08 18:34:08

I would tell them that you are sorry but you realise now that you won't/can't work longer for less money. Say that you jumped in with that offer because you really don't want to lose the child.

KaySamuels Thu 31-Jul-08 19:38:14

I would also call them back, apologise and say you have realised you can't commit yourself to it, it was simply a knee jerk reaction to the thought of losing mindee.

If they are reasonable people they will understand,.

PinkChick Thu 31-Jul-08 20:04:01

well, he said he will contact me when hes spoken to his wife..just spoken with Shoshe, i will have to accept notice TBH (although when he first came in he said ill have to give you 4 weeks notice, but his contract states 6!) and will explain this to him when he comes back 'if' he says he still wants her to come..oh god, me and my big mouth!blush

Mum2Luke Thu 31-Jul-08 23:01:44

I know I wouldn't want to work more hours for less, I'm tired after one week of the hols having them from 8.30 till 5.30 is a long day especially when the weather is not great.

I had planned to do Olympic stuff but they siad it was 'like being at school' and refused to do anything I had put out.

I am in a situation with one of the children i mind in that the parents don't think I ought to be paid when they take days off when I'm supposed to have him. I find myself asking for payment and its a sensitive issue. I was asked last week to possibly mind a friend's 2 yr old and 8/9 month old. I've minded the 2 yr old before and he's a darling so I hope they do decide to have me again. Just got to think what to say to other parents...shock

PinkChick Fri 01-Aug-08 08:37:19

its so difficulat isnt it, what to say without offending/upsetting anyone, when actually its prob only us who are upset!

have just text dad as he starts work very early to say sorry its a text, but so you dont spend more time than needed thinking about it, im sorry but upon looking at it properly i wont be able to do those hours for thesame amount as other place/s, i can however do xyz(have her after school only-cheaper for them and she go to other cheap place in morn) but if that not what you want i will raw up notice as from yest..
it would be losing £54 a week but doing 10 extra so stupid to open my mouth before i put my brain in gear!blush

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